NetEase koala sea purchase bigong strength of both sides of the

yesterday, NetEase koala sea purchase to open a new round of big promotion, the new global price of 9.9 yuan to return users. At the same time, NetEase CEO Ding Lei with the team is still in South Korea to discuss the depth of cooperation, crazy dozens of makeup brand official authorization. Earlier media reports, the NetEase purchased a series of sea observation koala action in recent months, the promotion and category expansion speed is become an independent school of cross-border electricity supplier, the NetEase will become the largest koala sea purchase or horse cross-border electricity.

the same race in the cross-border electricity supplier on the runway and, its co-founder amamori wearing yesterday claimed in a salon on maternal and infant industry: already Chinese’s largest cross-border electricity supplier "," maternal channels online for more than a month, did the same with maternal and infant cross-border electricity supplier first in the country". However, no third party data endorsement case, wearing propaganda slightly embarrassed.

but it is certain that the cross-border electricity supplier competition has become increasingly fierce. In addition to the new platform of Tmall international, Jingdong global purchase this traditional business extends, the most optimistic about the outside world is NetEase and koala sea purchase. Recently, the NetEase signed a large number of Koala sea purchase beauty cooperation from South Korea, the direct impact of the United States advantages, can be said that both sides have fight hand to hand with. We may wish to compare the two sides, to see how the future of the two sides of the duel.

1 [background]: platform, rich two generations of young people


NetEase: NetEase koala sea purchase koala sea purchase on-line in early January this year the company is a NetEase integrated proprietary cross-border electricity supplier, is a typical "two rich generation internet". Relying on the big tree NetEase, NetEase koala sea purchase of capital investment is not a problem. Moreover, not long ago, NetEase CEO Ding Lei also said: NetEase koala investment into the upper limit of the purchase. In order to cross the electricity supplier in the window of a spell, NetEase is also quite spell. In addition, the NetEase’s advantages include the koala sea purchase has a huge user, with the help of the NetEase within the domain of resources, can achieve rapid diversion, the starting point of the high destined to make general opponent to catch up. is a typical successful entrepreneurs, but the United States stock market performance is not optimistic, the cosmetics tariff is expected to impact the stock price once plunged 15%. Some analysts believe that’s stock price plunged indicates risk similar to a single vertical shopping business will swell. In addition, the United States said it would expand overseas business with the purchase of 1 billion yuan of funds, but compared with the growing expansion of the sea Amoy market, and Tmall, Jingdong, NetEase and other giants of the "encirclement and suppression" one billion yuan, apparently can not keep up with the current electricity supplier competition equivalent.

comment: Although the NetEase koala sea purchase, both "age", but a rich two generations, is a young people, at present in the cross-border electricity supplier in the competition is the same. In the future investment, NetEase purchased significantly more dominant koala sea, just need time and rapid development, while the United States may need to explore new strategies to survive in the cracks in the giant. < >

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