Basic concepts of website optimization

Keywords – search skills

as a site owner, you are certainly the most people who know their business, so you can always find the key words which can reflect the characteristics of their own business. But the single * own efforts sometimes will inevitably be some omissions, then you might as well come to the search engine, find a competitor’s site, to see if they use what keywords, you may get some inspiration.

in addition, with the help of some automatic keyword analysis software can extract suitable keywords quickly competition from your or your competitor’s web page, make your work efficiency increase, we can find many of the past did not consider the keywords with the software, thus greatly expand our list of keywords.

– stop word / word filter (Stop Words/Filter Words)

the two meanings, refer to some too common that no value retrieval words, such as "a", "the", "and", "of", "Web" and "home page" and so on. When the search engine meets these words, they usually filter out. Therefore, in order to save space, we should try to avoid the use of such a class of words, especially in the number of words have strict limits. If you want to verify the above rules, you can try to "stay the night" in the search engine. You will be the word "findings in the" and although the search conditions, but not in bold display, that it was ignored.)

– the words repeated 1000 times

since the keywords appear frequency is an important factor in determining the website ranking, why don’t we will repeat it 1000 times, this is not simple and effective? Stop. As everyone knows, this is the search engine Stone Age approach, at that time did work, and now has been abandoned by the search engine.

the website optimization, refers to cater to the search engine ranking rules web site planning, web design, to ensure that the site in the search.

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