DB watches Tmall marketing planning proposals

DB table (a pseudonym), derived from the Swiss brand, registered in Switzerland, a star endorsement by Hongkong, positioning in the high-end, the main line of shopping malls and counters. Offline sales more mature, the boss engaged in the watch industry over ten years.

Tmall flagship store opened last year, e-commerce team of about 6 people, the product price of 300-1300 yuan in Tmall, electricity supplier sales have been unable to open up the situation.


this table is more embarrassing brand, online brand awareness of the market is not high; the line is not well-known, some watches online category has created a more influential network brand.

of course, this brand is not what the real high-end watch brands, only the packaging itself from the so-called Swiss watches become the origin of the 100 year history of high-end watches, even with Longines and other brands with the same faction Tissot, but the price is very considerate, friendly, capture the Internet mainstream consumer groups.

obviously, DB table is also want to go the same route.

on this table in the network business on where to buy sales: no sales, no visibility visibility; quality, almost all the people, and said, sapphire; fashion, not to mention, but are also positioning and Swiss watches inconsistent; say cheap, too not to lower the price of cabbage. Tips: This article by the network marketing actual combat Liu Yutong original, want to see the author more articles please visit the blog of Liu Yutong. Please retain the copyright information.

is the main consumer of this table has no concept of what, no contrast, unless like watches, online shop to sell 5000 yuan, 500 yuan to sell online, consumers can feel, consumers do not want cheap, but to take advantage of.

said, I would think of a way, can do: according to Longines, Rolex, the brand is different, as like as two peas, with consumers that the workmanship and quality are the same, we this cheap.


1, DB should be for consumers to create a top Swiss watches the feeling of a hundred years of history, the pure Swiss and Swiss watches with the same faction, the best kind of flower essential oil, AFU material imports, direct supply contract, manor planting realm.

in Tmall DB compared with other Swiss brand table table, find the problem, other people are Swiss brand origin or not to write, write and even the Internet Chinese DB origin, Amoy on the outside China indicate the production, this is bad! It doesn’t mean you tell the consumer is authentic cottage goods? Who is this

will buy?

2, not only do not cut prices, but also put the price up, at least to mention the price of a network brand, or even slightly more than some can be. Who else would think you were the same as they were?

3, positioning breakthrough: watches – gifts, can use their own to buy a few pieces, positioned as gifts jiapin.

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