Tmall Medical Center high-profile debut only the show does not involve transactions


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technology news February 28th morning news, affected by internal factors such as license qualification, spin off, Taobao has been in the adjustment of the pharmaceutical category finally identified belonging: Tmall Medical Museum officially launched today, commodity content from the field of health care products to develop drugs, but the cat only provide medicines to display information, trading will complete the jump according to the official website of taking medicine.

Tmall Sina micro-blog official account today said that the Tmall Medicine Museum officially unveiled, currently has Shenzhen Nepstar pharmacies, Shanghai Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmaceutical companies more than 10 pharmaceutical companies stationed about 20 thousand kinds of drugs in the showcase the platform, providing drug information displayed on Tmall.

and in terms of the transaction, consumers need to select the goods, will jump to the official website of the corresponding pharmaceutical manufacturers to complete.

the reason for this arrangement is that the state has strict requirements for drug sales of the network, the need for a certain qualification license. At present, Tmall is the Internet drug information service qualification certificate, to be able to demonstrate the legality of drugs. While stationed in Tmall pharmaceutical Museum from the official website, must also have "Internet drug information service qualification certificate" and "the Internet and drug transaction service qualification certificate" two license to provide transaction.

at the same time, according to the introduction of Tmall, in accordance with the provisions of the state on prescription drugs do not allow the sale of the network, the drug information displayed on Tmall will be all non prescription drugs.

in fact, in June this year, Taobao Medical Museum has been on the line, but then fell into a period of stagnation. According to Taobao before the external position, "stagnation" is caused by two reasons, one is the process of legitimacy and feasibility of communication with relevant departments, the two is Taobao internal split, split into Taobao and shopping mall, in the cutting process of traditional Chinese Medicine Museum to rest for 4 months.

Chinese pharmaceutical business association and chain pharmacies Association released data show that in 2009 the scale of Chinese drug retail market is about 150 billion yuan, the sales network is only about 70 million, retail sales accounted for only 0.046%. In Europe and the United States developed countries, this ratio is usually more than 20%. Domestic B2C market has been a lot of people eyeing this piece of fat, in addition to Tmall, Jingdong and Dangdang are testing the pharmaceutical industry. (Cui Xi)

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