Some suggestions on how to carry out network marketing for small and medium sized enterprises

network marketing is getting closer and closer to the public, doing business on the Internet is getting more and more optimistic about how to do a good job in e-commerce, Connaught network professional marketing planner believes that there are the following:

a, the establishment of their own company’s Web site, to achieve customer trust.

this is the primary problem of e-commerce, because online business and network business. We must first have a platform to display their own, a taste of what the free online platform called not, those are not consistent with the needs of e-commerce, such as those who are unable to SEO website template (search engine optimization), even if you register the website, bad luck, good for customers you can not find, do one thing must have little effect, no effect did and didn’t do what two, a regular site independent domain name, regular website and record customer confidence.

there are a few points need to pay attention to:

1 on the e-commerce web site to leave contact address, telephone, and other relevant information. To show the actual data in order to obtain the initial customer trust, to impress customers.

2 home page as far as possible the use of static web pages (HTML format), the benefits are relatively stable static web pages, access speed, easy to be included in the search engine, the content can also be dynamic, easy to manage and update.

3 customer message system or online customer service system to do a good job, the content of the page to do to improve, it is better to communicate directly with customers more affinity and persuasion.

two, to provide good products and services.

network marketing have a good product and service quality and reliable products, here is not to say, that service, good service includes not only the immediate reply to customers, with tireless introduction, and also includes the customer telephone exchanges in the mood of many small details. These aspects have been done, it is easy to bring a good reputation. Word of mouth is the best way of publicity, with a good reputation, business can not be good.

daily attention should be paid to the network marketing staff training, so that they are familiar with the service or product related knowledge. Can not answer some of the parameters of the product to give a vague answer, easy to let customers dislike and distrust.

three, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.

electronic commerce certainly cannot do without the network marketing, and network marketing depends on the details of winning, which can involve many aspects of knowledge and skills, such as search engine optimization ranking, Links, network advertising, community outreach, E-MAIL marketing and so on, can get their own learning, but the beginning please some professional the company may be better. Including the use of some software such as a marketing, not very scientific, very little role in marketing software, if you rely solely on the words, like the possibility of receiving the order and possibility of being hit by small meteor.

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