Network sale prescription drugs detonated new layout of online pharmacies

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– industry observation

net sales of prescription drugs can forced medical reform it?

since May last year, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the Internet food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft) and public comment, has been more than six months. On the "measures" introduced time of speculation has been derived from the end of 2014 after the Spring Festival, NPC and CPPCC multiple versions, although the "measures" has not been formally introduced, but the industry generally believe that the release net sales of prescription drugs is represent the general trend which is not controversial. From around 2000, the prescription and non prescription drugs are not allowed to gradually open up the net sales of non prescription net sales, net sales of prescription drugs is the final release policy level to adapt to the actual "open". Thus, a number of pharmaceutical electricity supplier beachhead layout is logical. May release just a matter of time, from the Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants to the Jingdong, Ali traditional electricity providers, who want to take the net sales of prescription drugs this "cake", after all, the industry estimates nearly trillion yuan market scale is enough to make any one drool with envy.

is different from the traditional mode of Internet shopping, online shopping is the source of the prescription drug prescription, and the hospital almost monopolized the prescription, home appliance business in distribution channels, logistics, distribution and other aspects at the same time, never give up on the prescription "for" Ali health and hospital cooperation pilot electronic prescriptions, Jingdong, pharmacists have a good in the exploration of electronic prescription mode in the future, perhaps more deeply, such competition can forced reform of hospital is also unknown, prescription accounts for about 80% of sales, sales of prescription drugs unspoken rule needless to say, no longer rely on "to take the medicine, medicine really separate, perhaps this is the first medical ecological mode change move. Maybe in the future medical model, medical treatment, remote online prescription or electronic prescription directly by the hospital to transfer to the pharmaceutical business platform, pharmacy or drug delivery businesses seeking mode is not far away. From the practical point of view, the net sales of prescription drugs can help remove gradually inflated ingredients, promote the prices fell to a certain extent, this is also to the people the greatest benefits.

Beijing News reporter Zhang Xiulan

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