for the new project acquisition shop Larry domain

renamed China ( following the January 18th hearing, pat Network launched the "micro pat shop, pocket shopping launched the" micro shop ", recently, focus on women shopping business platform also launched a similar mobile phone shop" APP shop ", and also low-key secret bought double spell domain name

figure: store

it is reported that launched a personal shop APP shop, allowing users to open a shop with a mobile phone free of charge, and support for timely communication and at any time to mention cash function, secured transactions, protect account security, etc..

query Chinese renamed whois information, bought the Larry domain is registered in 2005, the domain name information is updated on the 3 of last month, the holders of information change to Currently, the domain name has also been enabled by, built the APP shop official website.

recently, the electricity business set off a wave of electricity supplier, the major electricity supplier platform has launched a mobile phone shop project. For example, pat Network has enabled two domain on-line micro pat shop; pocket shopping enable domain launched the "micro shop", and also for the project heavily bought the domain name; making shoes push "micro shop", enable two domain

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