SAC was forced to withdraw the text, Ali really win it This is just the beginning

under the State Administration for Industry and commerce "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper" from the home page to withdraw, the government seems to compromise, Ali and Ali what energy, how can

an exception?



/ Li Chengdong business angel investor, Tencent, Jingdong, the generation of electricity supplier strategy analyst

[East] each electricity supplier interpretation of CCTV "weekly quality report", checks enterprises, no exceptions are acknowledging the problem, rectification!!! Ali, is the only exception!!! The only


, at the moment, said SAIC has been removed from the home page that article "on the administrative guidance work of the Alibaba’s white paper" article, the government seems to compromise, Ali and Ali what energy, how can

an exception?

of course, Ali can not rectification, because Ali and ecological concerns the employment of millions of people, but in fact there are fake checks do not admit, at least not admit there is such a high proportion. Some experts believe that Ali is not so tit for tat, after the listing of confidence, or ten years cultivating senior government relations, or behind the kidnapping with the employment of millions of people out, "do you take me, SAIC to shut up". By Ali’s IQ, apparently the problem is not so simple, Ali is so reckless, and government to recognize a mistake! Ali, how is it so hard?

this article has objective analysis, but also emotional point of view, for reference only!

does not admit, confrontation is a habit of

Ali has been questioned Ali’s voice, especially from Suning, Jingdong, as well as the authorities are more tough. Similar to a lot of PR warfare, this is not the first time, so it is not surprising. For example, during the two sessions in 2014, Zhang Jindong three proposals for electronic invoices (Taobao sellers do not pay tax), maternal and child food (to combat fake), information security (VIE structure, and personal privacy leakage). In 2014, Ali also had a "big bank sick, Alipay medicine" male graphic, but also out of a number of articles directly director of the people’s Bank of china. Jingdong, not to mention that the Jingdong who found fake issues, are public relations unlimited amplification. Not long ago at the World Conference on the Internet, Ma Yungang said Taobao is now no fake, 62% non genuine checks, communications products as an example, and many are close to the genuine price to sell fake smuggled goods and refurbished machine repair. This time Ali reacted so intense, it is only a habit.

this time Ali counters SAIC’s point of view, but also consistent with the previous point of view. Ali Taobao has a fake problem, but the sample is a problem, the conclusion is not so serious, followed by the fight against fake Taobao has always been positive, rather than connivance. Finally Taobao’s fake problem, this

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