O2O’s got the money! Expanding goods money is for the winter

history repeats itself?

time pulled back to 2010 – 2012, when China’s electricity business in the past two years to experience a wave of vertical B2C rise tide and a group of thousands of battle". However, good times don’t last long vertical electricity supplier winter capital ", accompanied by the severe winter of 2012 to a wave of vertical B2C began layoffs, cut the market, finally evolved into a closed or sold tide, including former star companies, such as cotton, Lok, red child, vertical B2C to live in through the expansion of the category, the transformation of integrated business platform, and where the customer is one of the most controversial and the twists and turns of a……

similar scene, seems to be in the field of O2O reproduce……

large number of O2O projects running less than B round

in the past year or so, often hear a service class O2O millions, tens of millions of financing news, and from the second half of this year, similar messages will become significantly scarce. Maybe you will say, two days ago is not e bag wash announced the acquisition of Baidu’s $100 million B round of investment


morning, tiger sniffing through more than 1 hours on the phone with e founder Zhang Rongyao, the river becomes warm in spring ducks, he told us to feel him in the circle of experience, now O2O financing has become more difficult, not the VCs are not interested in O2O, but the quality of the O2O project will be less and less. In the new entrepreneurs have been unable to find the window of opportunity.

on the last day of July, the United States domestic O2O originator Homejoy announced officially closed, recently (B) a $38 million round of financing is already at the end of 2013. Its business covers 31 major cities in the United States, in 2014 to open up the international market, to enter the United Kingdom, Germany, France and other places. Such a seemingly young company could not escape the wheel of death C.

In fact, the domestic O2O

tens of millions, billions of dollars of financing is more crazy, suddenly fell to Homejoy, a domestic O2O hit the alarm. Domestic O2O more concentrated in the field of home services, financing more in the B round before.

B2C is a vertical burn price war, service class O2O is big in terms of user subsidies; vertical B2C investment and online advertising, and service class O2O put a large part of the money online do push off and seek partners: – all the money is the main.

seize market share in the first few years, 99% service class O2O is a loss, in accordance with the majority of O2O two rounds of financing scale and intense competition in the industry level, the funds can support up to two years. So, the beginning of the second half of this year, the domestic O2O companies will be intensive money, want to drive in the winter capital, reserve funds for the winter.

but from the new financing case, VCs tend to business model after a certain Polish O2O company, move them to pay is no longer the team and the story, but more than a year of business data

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