State Administration for ndustry and Commerce jointly Baidu push electricity supplier website super

Baidu Inc President Zhang Yaqin attended the signing of the press conference


technology news January 12th afternoon news, Baidu Inc today and the State Administration for Industry and commerce, Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce jointly held a press conference in Beijing, announced that the three party research project "the national e-commerce web site monitoring service system" reached a strategic cooperation agreement.


director of State Administration for Industry and commerce, deputy general secretary Zhang Guohua, the advertising supervisor Secretary Liu Hongliang, director of the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau Baidu CEO Zhang Yaqin Chen Yonghe jointly completed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement. Zhang Yaqin said that the strategic cooperation is an important step in the purification of Baidu network environment, promote the construction of network integrity.

according to the agreement, "the electronic commerce website monitoring service system" to the custom of "industrial and commercial administration of vertical search engine as the core technology, including" the electronic commerce website supervision service system "and" the electronic commerce website object (goods and services) supervision service system "," national electronic business website (illegal clues) supervision service subsystem three subsystems and application management functions matching.

Zhang Yaqin believes that in the depth of cooperation between the two sides, will be able to build a business network supervision of the sword, make online fake and shoddy goods, false and illegal information have no place to hide, to create a credible, safe and healthy consumption environment of the network.

previously, Baidu has worked with Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to open the "try Internet plus government supervision". Zhang Yaqin said that Baidu hopes the strategic cooperation as an opportunity, to promote this model, to create a truly open and transparent, wisdom and convenient government "cloud", for the benefit of consumers. (Li Gen)

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