The cross-border electricity providers to join the melee purchasing circle of friends retreat

Hou Meng rented room in a mess. Hera lipstick, natural paradise aloe gel, cream, make-up, snail thinking 3CE sulwhasoo…… These large shopping malls in a cosmetics counter in the sought after goods, scattered in every corner of the room. "Part of it was a while ago I brought it back from Korea, and part of it was shipped back from korea." Although most of the stock sold these days, but looking at the price of competitors on the computer screen, she is still very worried.

a few days ago, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong went to the Hou dream often go to the east gate of Seoul market, and organized a great in strength and impetus investment, Jingdong "Korea Pavilion" will open. Natural paradise aloe vera to prop up Hou purchasing business nearly half of the sales dream "has appeared on the front page of Jingdong, 69 yuan, Bihoumeng sales price is still lower. In China and South Korea free trade agreement was signed, with the Jingdong, Tmall, 5 to help buy electricity providers to join the fray, once popular Korean goods purchasing is under tremendous impact.

circle of friends in the purchasing business

South Korea when the purchasing is the beginning of the red?.

"should be from the beginning of 2013, when it is the hottest time WeChat." 39 year old Su Hong is the dream of the master, is also the first batch of people in the circle of friends in WeChat began purchasing Korean cosmetics.

previously, Su Hong is Liangmaqiao near a large shopping mall cosmetics sales, is selling cosmetics in korea. At first, she just found that there are a lot of customers in the purchase of goods to see their own information WeChat asked to buy, so she thought why not simply buy from South Korea directly on WeChat.

overseas purchasing advantage is cheap." She told reporters that the purchase of milk powder, mobile purchasing, luxury purchasing has been a lot of people do, but cosmetics, small commodities and other lower priced goods are not too much attention to the purchasing business. In fact, like other purchasing goods, minus the tariffs and stores, personnel costs, purchasing goods prices much lower than the store, the same 50 ml of Missha Korea BB cream in South Korea, as long as 69 yuan a bottle, in the domestic shopping malls counters are 130 yuan; South Korea "Laneige sleeping", Chinese counter price of 230 yuan, in South Korea Lotte duty-free shops only 125 yuan, nearly half of the low price.

April 2013, Su Hong resigned from his job, specializing in the circle of friends to do Korean cosmetics purchasing business. The reason to choose a circle of friends, because here is a friend to know, there are basic credibility, get started quickly. A few months time, Su Hong not only operate their own customer base, but also scored a lot of friends circle of friends". "The most popular time, I can sell hundreds of thousands of yuan of goods for a day." She said.

similarly, the dream of purchasing business is also based on their own circle of friends. Every time I go to South Korea, will be released in the circle of friends, seeking orders, to the South Korea will also be released in real time purchasing goods." She told reporters that such a trip

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