Online shopping beauty talk about the impact of online shopping on traditional businesses

Time flies quickly,

, 2009 will soon become the past, at the end of every year is very busy, a few days ago to participate in the "Shenyang commercial street shops will participate in the gold medal", a topic of discussion "online shopping will impact to traditional commercial street". Let me talk about the current situation of online shopping.

for online shopping, such a huge topic, I am not qualified to do more comments, I can only from my own point of view to talk about my simple view. That’s why I wrote my little feelings today.

network has awesome power, before 2009, no one knows who is the official Shuer ", since the last time I interviewed her, the story was reprinted, inadvertently caused the official Shuer small joint of a fire, her website 2717 mall also doubled than before the fire explosion, good momentum therefore, officer! Shuer also specifically called to thank me. The phone, we also talked about the relationship of online shopping and traditional businesses, Shuer officer was a traditional business, now, she has successfully made the transition to the network business, and the Internet brings her is the traditional businesses can not reach previous results.

well, well, as for the traditional commercial street, I think that online shopping now will not cause too much impact on it, just like the TV shopping there, online shopping is people more than a shopping


and now the traditional businesses are gradually close to the network, is no longer a leg to walk, but a network of sales channels, the presence of so many businesses have the opportunity to re shuffle, facing the new opportunities, we stand on the same starting line, who start Zhandexianji, who. In this regard, Taobao store performance is very obvious, many of the most began to set up shop business, and stick to it, now almost all of the profits, and profit! This leads to more and more traditional businesses to the network as a new position! This is why online shopping more and more popular and competitive the.

so, online shopping and traditional businesses are mutually interdependent, mutually beneficial, online shopping does not have the traditional business impact, unless the traditional businesses blindly embrace traditional hold, then refused to walk on two legs, the traditional businesses will be eliminated, it is only a matter of time.

future, the convenience of online shopping will be more in-depth into the lives of ordinary people, it is clear that a new era of shopping has begun and gradually flourished.

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