Electricity supplier into fake and shoddy dumping site consumer rights difficult

every reporter Qi Wenting from Shenzhen

electricity supplier channels have been homogeneous low price products as a competitive weapon, but behind the cheap, but also hidden a hidden rules: electricity supplier channels become fake and shoddy products an important dumping site.

the "daily economic news" reporter in-depth investigation found that Taobao double crown seller "Xintai digital communications" suspected of selling Apple refurbished, shoddy, and consumers in the purchase of fake but in no complaints.

in addition to the apple refurbished machine as the representative of the mobile phone products, luxury, fashion brands, cosmetics are also being "copycat" Legion erosion, intensified counterfeiting, shoddy phenomenon, it has gradually become the industry had to face the "electricity supplier in the field of cancer". At present, China has not yet introduced a comprehensive e-commerce regulatory laws and regulations, basically rely on industry self-regulation. But insiders pointed out that the enterprise is only a soft soft standards, the market is looking forward to the introduction of relevant laws and regulations.


to buy refurbished machines but no complaints

holding a number of evidence on Taobao to buy a iPhone4S refurbished machine Zhang Hailiang (a pseudonym) but ultimately no complaints. In November 6, 2012, Zhang Hailiang bought an apple iPhone4S in taobao.com "Xintai digital communication" shop, sellers of goods introduced in the commitment, the product unopened is not activated".

goods receipt, Zhang Hailiang did not find abnormal circumstances, the normal use of three months. However, in mid February this year, Zhang Hailiang found his apple phone suddenly unable to boot. On the 18 day of the month, he took the apple aftermarket repair. Zhang Hailiang surprised that Apple’s sales staff said that due to the original mobile phone screen is not Apple Corp, and the phone has been dismantled, it can not guarantee.

Zhang Hailiang to the daily economic news reporter presented an apple Aftermarket in February 18th issued a mobile phone repair certificate. The certificate on Zhang Hailiang’s phone to make the following instructions: because the phone is not the original screen can not guarantee". The surprise of Zhang Hailiang again according to the sequence number of IMEI mobile phone queries on Apple’s official website. Apple’s official website shows that the phone’s phone support has expired, and one-year warranty and service warranty expires in October 18, 2013. This message is inverted, the activation time of the mobile phone is October 18, 2012, but Zhang Hailiang to buy this phone on the date of November 6, 2012, the mobile phone than the activation time of nearly half a month.

at this time, Zhang Hailiang exclaimed fooled, had to buy apple iPhone4S mobile phone has been done and is a refurbished machine".

‘s so-called "refurbished machine" refers to the number of second-hand mobile phone users to recover, through a chemical liquid to clean it, and then

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