Media reporter shame is not the makeup

  absurd media, absurd news, with these two words to describe today’s newspapers and magazines on the domain of news coverage is not too much. Not long ago, a raise a Babel of criticism of "central set" domain name, to "love Chinese" one yuan a person’s ridiculous farce, insiders look like a clown like to look at the joke is staged continuously, but still have no way to prevent more domain name speculation atmosphere.

a registered boring hype, it could have a hundred dollars worth of domain name speculation to 1 billion 300 million, enough to see the current domestic media reporters on the network knowledge pale. Any junk domain name, as long as you dare to say that the media would dare to write. A value of 1 billion 300 million. That is not a value of 13 billion, a estimate of 130 billion can not buy it. If another I am afraid that 1300000 billion are said to export. Sheer absurdity. Such ridiculous reports also many, let a person look at some domain concepts have goose bumps.       domain name can be composed of up to 63, that is, spend a dollar, you can register the domain name of 63, but some people spend a dollar to register the domain name of the 63, a large number of media also reported to the special newspaper, and. Of course, ignorant media as the object of the news. There are a lot of garbage is one hundred yuan of the following domain name, domain name in the media are No one shows any interest in, the eyes are worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, are not reliable. If the media suggest unfamiliar things, is giving the best. Don’t leave. The following records and records of ridiculous photos and URL records. A precious historical photos, I think of the grain yield of 30 thousand kg of history, 2 photos together. Keep a history.

Xiamen Evening News:

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