Lack of standards into the biggest bottleneck in the development of fresh electricity supplier

fresh products because of its short shelf life, easy to lose, easy to deteriorate, procurement procedures and many uncertain factors, such as the electricity supplier platform operators in the supply, distribution, and other aspects of the sale are put forward higher requirements.

with the rise and development of electronic commerce in recent years, with the fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and seafood fresh products have also been included in the consumer online shopping list. Sales of electronic products, different from traditional electricity supplier supplies or processed foods, fresh products because of its short shelf life, easy loss, easy modification, procurement procedures of uncertain factors and other characteristics, have put forward higher requirements on the electricity supplier platform operation in sourcing, distribution, customer service etc..

public information display, in the fresh electricity supplier team continues to grow at the same time, more than the team after a short period of glorious death quietly. "The quality of agricultural products to sell a good price, product quality is not stable, even shoddy phenomenon is worrying." Hong Tao, director of the Institute of business economics, Beijing Technology and Business University, said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter, said, only to achieve higher standards, to be able to retain consumers, to achieve healthy development of the industry."

compared with price competition, operators of fresh electricity supplier platform has gradually realized that the promotion of fresh food standardization is the only way to obtain consumer loyalty. Many business enterprises have to test the water, into a higher cost, from the product size, weight and appearance, launched their own standards to taste and sweetness. But the industry generally believe that, compared to developed countries, our country from standard suppliers, small and scattered lack of agricultural production source, to packaging and cold chain standards, the fresh standard go15 on the road.


food quality unstable consumers lose trust

fresh food standards are currently the biggest bottleneck in the development of fresh electricity supplier. The same product, buy today is sweet, tomorrow is sour, size, taste, quality is not stable, it is difficult to retain consumers." Pan Apple 2 operators, Tianshui made soil Agriculture Co., general manager Chen Ningyi believes that food quality is not stable, loss of consumer confidence in online shopping fresh products, repeat purchase is reduced, so that many business platform ultimately difficult to continue, failed.


station chairman Jin Feng said the company established a strict system of self inspection, has repeatedly found problems in purchasing goods quality, "if production, cutting, packaging and storage environment conditions are not be standardized, factory of the food itself is a problem, then all aspects of our subsequent warehousing, cold chain logistics etc. do not matter."

Beijing Technology and Business University Business Economic Research Institute, Hong Tao said, whether it is the most basic food safety standards, or the product appearance and taste, quality standards, only to achieve higher standards, will be able to retain consumers, to achieve the sound development of the industry.


high standard short for not high

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