How to use Taobao FABE sales law to write a description of the product

, I believe many of my friends often buy things on the Internet, because it is convenient and easy, but the choices were also very much, just move the mouse to buy their own products of love. The shopping platform to Taobao the most typical, is the place where most of the online shopping. But Taobao shop even to the point of flooding, and the same products make you dazzling, I do not know how to buy. In this case, there are still a lot of people began to change from the online shopping to the owner, began a difficult Taobao venture, personally feel not optimistic.

before I also opened a Taobao shop, operating a book. No goods, but agents. This way, although there is no investment risk, but there are limitations. Is that you can not control the quality of the product, if you encounter customer complaints, you can not do a good job in a timely manner, it is easy to cause resentment. The store, operating for about a year, although also made some money, but only enough to drink the Northwest wind.


Taobao products to pay attention to this description, the use of the advantages of their own writing began to pick up some of this activity. At the beginning of this one does not know how to write, only know that in accordance with the requirements of the other party, the stereotyped description of products, such as writing a dress, basically is such a routine: to write a perceptual text, outline the overall dress, written in very high force grid. Then this dress is the style, material, cutting style, design ideas and other aspects of the description, although do not understand the dress design, but because of the style of writing and this woman is very ride, so it was recognized.

of course, different products on the description of the requirements are not the same, women’s consumer groups are women, standing in the female’s point of view, the characteristics of the text must be in line with their minds. And different styles of women’s clothing, consumer groups are not the same, there are differences in age, and even on the cultural level are required. When writing these product descriptions, it must be based on changes in the consumer groups. Only the characteristics of the product itself.

someone asked, whether you can use FABE sales method for product description, I personally think, YES!

first need to know what is FABE:

F is short for Features, is characteristic, refers to the basic function of the characteristics of products and features. For example, clothing materials.

A is short for Advantages, is representative of advantages, the advantages of the product, and compared to similar products, this product you competitive advantage in where, is a unique place, is actually a selling point.

B is Benefits, meaning interest, refers to the product what are the benefits to the customer, the customer will buy your product and why.

E is Evidence, meaning the evidence, mainly refers to the concrete case, the concrete can bring what kind of benefits to consumers, there is a real "evidence" in, for example, the seller is good > show, comments from users

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