Gome electricity supplier strategy accused of excessive defense Wong Kwong Yu should not interfere

face the impact of electricity providers, the United States finally sit still. Recently, Gome issued a new three year strategy, will focus on strengthening the primary market and the development of second tier cities, while the electricity supplier business referred to the strategic height.

insiders pointed out that, compared with rival Suning, Gome this new strategy not only slow a beat, and accused of excessive defense. I think the United States and the United States is still defensive strategy, but to connect the line up and down. But can not defend or an unknown." E-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang investor newspaper reporter said.

but the United States believes that earnings are the most important. "The listed company must be responsible to shareholders, not endless money. We all want to practice good internal strength, then force, so that there will be sustained growth." The official staff of the United States on the investor news reporter responded.

Gome new strategy highlights electricity supplier

in the new strategy conference, Gome President Wang Junzhou said in 2012, deeply realize the rapid development of electronic commerce, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, the first-line market has posed a significant impact on the store.

2012, Taobao and Tmall total annual turnover exceeded 1 trillion yuan mark, only Tmall Taobao singles day trading volume reached 19 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 260%. Electricity supplier is so rapid pace of development is based on this understanding, the United States had to re adjust the development strategy, the electricity supplier business referred to an equally important strategic level and physical stores. You know, at the beginning of 2012, the United States is still insisting that the electricity supplier is just a traditional store supplement ideas.

for the future planning of the electricity supplier, the United States on its two major electricity supplier platform for the integration and adjustment, Gome online mall will be officially renamed the United States online, implement self strategy. Kuba to independent mode of operation, focusing on the development of electronic business platform business.

"Gome electricity supplier in the online integration its function and O2O model, gives its hopes for the future electricity supplier only one entrance, including the United States online Kuba Kuba, only one channel." State of the United States, a manager on condition of anonymity, the investor news reporter said.

the United States in the new strategy except in force electricity suppliers and build store strategy in the forefront of the market, expand in the future the growth performance of the United States also hopes to two or three city physical stores.

United States believes that China’s two or three cities grew significantly better than the first-line market. Therefore, Wang Junzhou said the United States will accelerate the market share and layout in the two market, plans to open new stores in the two market in 2013, 200.

this figure is still very alarming in the case of the current market downturn. Public information, as of September 30, 2012, the total number of GOME stores reached 1070, while the first half of 2012 the United States only realize the net number of stores 17.

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