B2S model to test the water or become a new era after the group buying

editor’s note: with the continuous development of e-commerce to the depth of the e-commerce market has become increasingly thin. The latest online speculation, but raise a Babel of criticism of the "B2S" A new force suddenly rises. in e-commerce market. Emira science and Technology (imula-tech) application of its unique B2S model, as well as its water test SNS site – Park Network (http://s.28129888.com), attracted many users of all ages. However, as Mr Zhang Jianyu’s chief operating officer Emira science and technology introduction, this mode is still in the early stage of the project, can not be like the group purchase, set off a climax of e-commerce business, remains to be seen, but the important point is that no matter what the project, as long as it can let users benefit from the website and be profitable I believe you can go further.

ECMEDIA: Hello, very pleased to have the opportunity to do an interview with this to you! We know that "the net" is located in the B2S as a new business model! B2S a reference to this, it should be said is still relatively new, in the industry has no uniform definition of a all we can all agree that it is a kind of what kind of mode, there is what kind of advantage, can you give us more details?

COO Zhang Jianyu: ok. First of all, on the B2S this Internet business model, Emira just to re interpretation of the definition of B2S. B2S explained in many web pages for the sharing of business business to share, in fact, according to us, this is not entirely, in the familiar B2C, B2B… In this kind of mode, B and C are both the role players and the nouns in the business model, so the B2S in S is also a role. B2S- social sharing business. Emira to share the concept of social sharing which is understood as Business to SNS. Through the information sharing behavior of this community of users, make the goods reach "reputation spread from person to person, reputation evaluation, evaluation…" Hot focus effect. Therefore, quality and cheap products will naturally get a good reputation in online sales process, product life naturally extended products through different community users quickly "information sharing" the benefits "is the long tail effect". This is a win-win model, if the product sales are good, the mall or with the SNS community to create a higher proportion, you know…

ECMEDIA: This is as far as we know, SNS in China has a more rapid development, and now B2S model to test the water, just need a kind of development, or a combination of such, can obtain "1+1> 2" greater effect? < / p>

COO Zhang Jianyu: at this stage, perhaps for us to test the water, but it is also clear that this is an inevitable result of the development of e-commerce. In the concept of WEB 3 is approaching, the electricity supplier who will find the real > get new products sell well

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