Wen Hui Hai cross-border electricity supplier nternet plus to highlight the role of like a raging f

with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, people enjoy a high quality life for the pursuit of higher borrowing, resurgence of cross-border electronic business platform to Ali aliexpress, Jingdong Global Ocean Terminal purchase, as the representative of the development like a raging fire. This year’s double eleven full integration of globalization elements, but also to China’s strong domestic demand in the electricity supplier Carnival inspired vividly, a total of more than 5000 overseas brands have been involved in the electricity supplier feast. Not long ago, electricity providers have China ahead of fierce battle "black Friday", the process of global cross-border electricity supplier to speed up again. China the largest local IT service provider Pactera (hereinafter referred to as: Vince Hai Hui) believes that with the further development of cross-border electricity supplier, IT technology has become increasingly prominent in the field of business, "Internet plus" ability has become the core hinterland of cross-border electricity supplier strategic layout.

approaching cross-border electricity supplier usher in the development of gold

cross-border electricity supplier, as the main business of international transactions in different countries, in the tide of globalization is subtly changing people’s way of shopping and lifestyle. Facing the huge market opportunities, cross-border electricity will no longer calm this piece of blue ocean, beach Fengeng, cross-border feudal lords vying for the throne, the air is approaching. First of all, the dividend policy for rapid development of cross-border electricity from 2014 to 2015, Dongfeng, national policy has been in the release of cross-border trade news, from the "56" and "57" documents issued a series of "6+1" a cross-border pilot city, from all over the country to guide the construction of cross-border electricity supplier Industrial Park April 28, 2015 executive meeting of the State Council Tax Reform obviously, the policy tendency of signal. At the same time, the consumer demand for high-quality life, price of commodity demand continues to increase, cross-border shopping groups continue to grow, and showing a rapid growth in volume, the upgrading of consumption demand and consumption concept of positive trend, while the double eleven cross-border electricity supplier "Crazy" data that give the best proof. With the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier, IT services will be fully realized in the field of technical support for the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier to provide an important guarantee.

seize the initiative "Internet plus supplier solution service upgrade

through the construction of Internet Organization, creative use of Internet tools, Evans hiSoft "Internet plus business solutions to promote more and more extreme, the efficiency of traditional industries and enterprises to meet the needs of customers. In the Internet business and the field of cross-border electricity supplier, Wen Hui Hai has a strong advisory capacity and platform solutions development ability. Through the years of Internet business and cross-border business services experience with business development and strategy, using Internet plus strategic consulting and planning, to improve the pattern of construction, the demand and feasibility analysis, provide the effective power of Internet providers and consulting partner for cross-border electricity supplier. At the same time, Wen Hui Hai has a number of Internet business platform solutions and development capabilities, including providing solutions, independent intellectual property rights ReUnion large number of open source technology and mature framework on B2B/B2C/B2M/O2O business platform based on Internet

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