When the hundred years brand in young business, Abbott reached a strategic cooperation with babe net

July 28th, the United States Abbott Abbott and Babe network formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, in addition to all the brand products sold by the Abbott brand babe network direct supply, both sides will be in the product marketing, brand promotion and other aspects of the depth of cooperation. The two sides of the strategy in hand will also add the Abbott brand for a century young business activity.


It is reported that

, Abbott is the United States with a history of 128 years of well-known brand in nutrition and health, scientific attitude and rigorous empirical, by consumers in more than and 150 countries and regions of the trust, its nutrition and health products covering all stages of human life. As China consumers familiar with the brand of milk powder, Abbott infant formula harvest Chinese baby’s favorite, and the product quality strict standards, but also by virtue of "natural pasture, pure milk, assured quality, first-class formula, brand trust" five guarantees, Chinese let mother more at ease.

babe network as a fast growing young maternal electricity supplier, has been committed to its 50 million mother "professional trustworthy" quality baby goods and services. To ensure the quality of products and the best shopping experience, babe network is still in the first half of this year has achieved the formula and infant food supplement comprehensive self, and a series of Mead Johnson, JUNLEBAO domestic and foreign high-quality milk brand reached a strategic cooperation. The Abbott strategy in hand, also allow consumers to buy the product in the Abbott platform provides a strong quality of Beibei endorsement.

according to the introduction, since the cooperation with the babe network, Abbott has by virtue of its brand influence and product quality in Beibei users in the formation of strong purchasing power. In the future, babe network with its own business advantage, provide more branding and channel support for Abbott, more suitable for young users of electricity providers play for this one hundred years of brand.

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