The spring of fresh electricity supplier website to be listed domain enabled

renamed China ( January 27th hearing, it is reported that former Sohu co president and chief operating officer Wang Xin has been low-key founder of fresh electricity supplier website spring, the domain name is The site currently in beta stage, is expected to be formally launched soon.

figure: Wang Xin

stakeholders had to prove to Wang Xin, whether she has received 300 million yuan of external investment in the electricity supplier to do a website, however, when Wang Xin said he was still in the rest phase.

Wang Xin joined Sohu in August 1999, has served as marketing director of Sohu, director of sales; after joining Sohu 15 years later, in March 2014, Wang Xin left.

this year, Wang Xin no longer serve as Sohu consultant, is carrying out its entrepreneurial process. This time Wang Xin founded the field of investment in the field of fresh electricity supplier is rapidly warming, behind this series of investment and founder, is the field of foreign food and grocery delivery is rapidly warming investment. This is a concern in the areas of investment, let us wait for the spring domain burst out more vitality.

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