Shanghai Jahwa ho throw 100 million double win Tmall 11 title

August 16th news, the latest learned billion state power network, the carnival night conference being held in Tmall, confirmed by the Shanghai Jahwa Tmall double title in 2016 11, the official television cooperation by Zhejiang satellite TV as the "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night party.


participants have the understanding of the meeting, Tmall revealed that 2016 pairs of 11 named fee was pushed up to 100 million yuan, and finally by Shanghai Jahwa ho throw 80 million win 2016 Tmall dual 11 naming rights.


Tmall has revealed that this year’s party all hard wide income, will be back to the consumer in the evening party, so that consumers look at advertising, grab red envelopes."

In addition to

, Tmall and Zhejiang satellite TV officially signed, the latter became the "2016 Tmall double 11 carnival night TV official cooperation platform, confirmed by the famous celebrities as fantastic carnival night show host.

should macro at the meeting, as long as the creativity is good enough, as long as the courage to innovate, will provide a free one minute video show for the party.

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