How to use guest blog promotion


does not have any content marketing than guest blog articles. High quality content has been advocated for years, but now, there is only a small problem, even if you have a lot of high quality content does not mean that you can get a good ranking in Google. Like it or not, the main reason for the link or ranking.

was the best way to get the link that is a guest, when you free this blog, and other bloggers to harvest a good blog can bring readers the general blogger allowed in the article you give 1-2 a reasonable export link. This can achieve a high quality content and a good link exchange.

so now there is a number of special guest blogging service, some guest blog agencies, so slowly will be considered "flooding", we guess Google will target the guest blog.

but the reality is that Google will continue to destroy the spam, including the poor quality of the site in order to sell the special guest blog site, to this point, and means that the post will be visiting hours, like building links, there’s always a good and bad method.

guest blog will help you improve the ranking of search results, do the right thing you can get social sharing, traffic and links, etc.. Here we look at how to start guest blog promotion.

back to the past, the content marketing is a keyword tool to produce some phrases, and then placed in the title of the last word into an article to promote the keyword.

these articles is very rubbish, but was sent to a variety of SEO site. A number of these useless article continue to appear in the search engine, then this is the penguin update was born.

, however, content creation is not the first step in the guest blog to do, on the contrary, to find a high degree of trust related to the high weight of the blog is the most important. For these blog content to write

guest article is the most important.

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finds the relevance of the guest blog – you have to look at the following three things:

relevance: find some blogs that are relevant to your product, please note if it is your competitor’s blog.

strong confidence: when you see the information content of the blog, do you think the information safe? When loans or acne creams a few blog articles appear before the weight-loss drug diet pills words, this is not the blog


is normally included: whether the blog has been included in the normal site: look, or use the chain tools, etc.

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