Double eleven for businesses to strengthen the consumer price only from life

origin of "double eleven" is forgotten, as if the convention. Since 2009, just five years of e-commerce, the students put a speculators far fetched "singles day" into the online shopping feast was upgraded to be in full swing, electric commercial carnival, and quickly spread to traditional stores and services.


in October or even earlier, from stocking to publicity to logistics, businesses at the beginning of "double eleven" for, panic, pain, but also full of hope. Consumers are preparing for a lot of simple, they just in front of the computer to enrich the shopping cart, and try to curb their shopping impulse. There are a lot of brands trying to stay away from the "double eleven" crazy discount, but confused and shaken for 5 years, such as weeds grow in the heart. In November 11th, for businesses, whether you do not war and war, the market is there, golden. Whether it is active or passive, businesses and consumers are the people of the carnival manufacturers, participants. And carry on.

consumer attitudes

temporary price increases, commodity sale, slow courier delivery, this is probably the three thing all the fans are most eager for a fight to worry about online shopping. Nevertheless, almost all people will participate in more or less, can not hide, can not escape.

experience: do addition after subtraction

young mother Xiao Wu recently busy, all the children’s spare time to online shopping, but just do not buy, "of course is" double eleven "orders, can save point." Her shopping cart, has installed a total of nearly three thousand dollars of goods, these are her carefully selected results, including diapers, wet wipes, baby clothes, shoes, my husband coat and an oven. I almost forget about it, if you can in accordance with the promise of the business as a discount, you can save about one thousand, and a few days is worth." Her experience is the first addition subtraction ", also is the first with the goods collection together, and then from the collection of goods slowly pick, determined to buy into the shopping cart, wait until the" double eleven "as long as the payment line. "This is to prevent the start too slow, fancy goods were taken away by others."

concerns: Merchants first price and then discount

One thing

Xiao Wu worry is the temporary price discount merchants, suanlaisuanqu with the usual discount is not what two things, a white busy. I get up early in the morning, holding a quilt holding the phone to the shopping cart in a single order, with more than an hour before and after." Think of the last fight scene, Xiao Wu is still visible before the eyes, she has a total of eleven single, the highest expected value is a pair of boots, but after the "double eleven" in the past half a month, this pair of boots is not shipped, the final notice: this commodity merchants overbooking. "That can give you a refund or change other models, but this is not fraud? Why do I take the goods twenty days later, I didn’t notice the goods?" Xiao Wu was very angry, the shop has since she was pulled into the blacklist.

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