Rural electricity supplier story every 10 pecan has half a net sale of 5

this year the central document proposed, will vigorously carry out the e-commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration, thus leveraging the agricultural products circulation mode innovation, and accelerate the transformation of agricultural development, the construction of modern agriculture.

Zhejiang city in Ling’an province to foster the development of rural e-commerce, as an important lever of agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income, rural development, last year through the Internet to sell agricultural products to more than 1 billion 800 million yuan, led farmers to more than 200 million yuan, the electricity supplier of agricultural products sales network in the first national county.

to gold and silver, green mountains and rivers to the beautiful environment to a better life, rural e-commerce is undoubtedly a "golden key".

"every 10 pecan, there are 5 and a half from the Internet to sell"

two storey building, farmhouse, just express carton sealing finish packing piled like hills. This is the shop owner Xu Yilin is located in Ling’an City, Longgang Town, the new village of the new home, but also that she sold the Ling’an walnut and other nuts specialty shop orders, delivery place. From the "double eleven" "shuangshier" online shopping to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival peak sales season, Xu Yilin will not idle down.

more than and 10 years ago in a car accident, so that when the original tour guide Xu Yilin only with the wheelchair as partners. Stay at home she tried to sell through a network of local specialty pecan, their own business, their own operations, when parents and neighbors around customer service, help with packing and delivery. A few years, online shop more and more, her shop last year net sales amounted to about 1400000 yuan.

in Ling’an, there are many online entrepreneurial stories such as Xu Yilin. In the northwest of Zhejiang Province "half water half minutes of cropland" in Ling’an City, characteristics of agricultural products has been shaking Qian Shu hickory local farmers to become rich "". Now this tree shake Qian Shu, embarked on the electricity supplier road.

village in the mountains of the town of white cattle, last year took the lead in the establishment of e-commerce public service center in the village. Enter the service center, eye-catching with a "white cattle village electric maps, the map is dense orange Icon, each icon represents a shop. The village now has 56 stores operating households, accounting for the number of farmers 1/10, net sales of agricultural products last year more than 2 billion.

"every 10 Ling’an pecan, there are 5 and a half sold from the internet." Jiang Bo, deputy director of the Ling’an Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said the latest statistics show that Ling’an has more than 1100 agricultural electricity supplier shop, agricultural electricity supplier scale enterprises of 38. The local pecan dried seed purchase price, but also because of booming electricity supplier market to go up. In mid September last year, the new pecan purchase price of about 25 yuan per kilogram, to "double eleven", the purchase price rose to about 32 yuan per kilogram, the price increased by about 25%. This, at least let the local farmers’ income 100 million yuan.

rural electricity supplier for the city to promote the development of agriculture, rural areas

in addition to selling pecan, but also sell what? This problem, Yu Yifeng has been pondering.

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