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after a lapse of 8 months, and meet everyone, let everyone waiting, I was in Pingyi city network chief Li Dongming, since last April 20th after 90 owners of the local portal site business Road (on) (in) "has not appeared in, after the busy with the operation of the site, and we exchange less the end of the year, this year, sum up bit by bit, and to share with you.

In April,

recruited two salesman, just graduated from University, Jiabao and run business card, just a few days can also look very hard, but later became very lazy, lying, morning post, and went out at noon, don’t come back to sign, don’t go to work back in the afternoon, until the afternoon when I came back to say a sound, make two or three change of name card, one night, I find U disk, when business out with out, do not come back to me, maybe in his bag, I found my bag, found no, indeed, surprised to find the bag bag a bag of cards wrapped in a company brochure, I think at that time, is not a way out and I like to play cards, he put it back, second days work didn’t say what.

later that my intuition is right, one day my friend phoned me and said, I saw a man in the square of the pavilion, playing cards, especially as your company salesman, I heard on the rode past looked, indeed, that is them, there are a few people in that. Sitting in the legs playing cards, I am very angry, said he did not in the past, back. When they were in the driving school to learn to drive, said may sometimes leave, I said, one day, I have an emergency call to let one business back, he said he played in the past in a village, not go back, there is a customer intention to do business, he is talking about, he speaks from the moment, I knew that he lied, the township has no intention of customers, any phone will hit the company, not to business there, where he is driving the mouxiang.

when they come to talk about the provisions of the business must take the name card back, two people worked for nearly a month, a total return of less than 60 name card, I really do not know what the outside dry, dry to the 25 day, I put them off, that talk to very late. They are better than I am, I call them brother, I give them a lot of truth, suspension of business to the company reform grounds, not to say their heads, just tell them where to go to work after both honest and sub points, don’t play tricks, take people’s wages, must recognize hard work, diligence, as it should be, this month you do some things, I do not say, you know…… The two of them have been working for a month without a business…… After they left, I was not in the recruitment, a person began to run the market…… Here are some things I’d like to omit……

later reflection, a company must have a strict system, and employees to work when

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