Ali to tighten policy counterfeiting average monthly closing 1.5 million Taobao store

news October 12th, not long ago, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) called on the United States Trade Representative Office to Alibaba and Taobao’s platform included in the "notorious markets list, the reason is the Alibaba did not put an end to its platform on the fake, the letter also mentioned the China Administration for industry and commerce as part of the research report, the the report shows that Taobao has up to 67% of the goods are counterfeit goods. At present, the IT family learned that the Alibaba has announced that the crackdown is tightening policy, more severe punishment for genuine fakes, easier to appeal and requirements of counterfeit goods from Ali platform, is a response to the AAFA question.


, according to Bloomberg, the Alibaba on Friday to the office of the U.S. trade representative’s letter shows that internal Ali is tightening policy counterfeiting, as of August this year, in the past twelve months has removed the 380 million product pages, and close the 18 10000 Taobao shop, that is to say the 1.5 10000 Taobao store closed the average monthly. At the same time, they have been shut down for about 675 in counterfeit goods production, storage and sales business of the store.

addition, in response to the U.S. AAFA and France UNIFAB Industry Association for anti-counterfeiting policy questioned Ali, Ali platform chief governance officer Zheng Junfang said: "must conform to the times, to build the brand of social governance, we can win the war fighting."

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