Groupon tightening commission policy Sales overwhelmed job hopping


Groupon recent poor performance, resulting in sales staff have switched

introduction: foreign media wrote today, with the aggravation of the market competition of the group purchase, Groupon has begun to adjust marketing strategies, tighten policy commission. Although this is intended to enhance performance, but it has brought great pressure to sales, and led to a large number of employees to move.

below is the full text of the article:

a lot of job hopping

Groupon is facing new challenges: sales staff overworked.

this pressure is a great boon for people like Mike ·, rip Silagadze (Mike). The educational software company Top Hat Monocle CEO said last month, his start-up company in Toronto has received hundreds of sales representatives to Groupon mail, want to quit the company. Ce Raja Ze said he would interview several such people every day.

Groupon a lawyer last month to rip lajiaze post a letter says, Top Hat Groupon is recruiting employees through improper means. Top Hat has a sales team of 25 people, of whom 8 have served at Groupon.

when the best people started to leave, Groupon’s situation was worse." Ce Raja Ze said. He also added that plans to continue to recruit employees from this group of companies.

ripping lajiaze experience reflects the enormous pressure of the popular group purchase website applied to sales. This is the latest problem facing Groupon. The company has been listed in November last year, but now it is struggling to recover from the financial mistakes, also has its share price than the issue price of 20 dollars to 63%. Groupon will be released on Monday, which is the company’s third quarterly report after the listing.

Groupoon spokesman declined to respond to ripping lajiaze comment, but said the company will continue to deploy professional measures in various fields, from sales to flow to the organization, and technology".

core gene

is very dependent on sales, so any problems with the sales team will make Groupon into trouble. Groupon employs a total of more than 12 thousand people, about 45% of the sales staff, they are responsible for the signing of local companies and other products and purchase contracts.

"you can not only the technology and products," Groupon CEO Andrew · Mason (Andrew Mason) in the February investor conference said, "must also know how to manage a large-scale sales team, which is the core of our company.

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