Jingdong and the convenience store on the O2O cooperation to see the last 100 meters of logistics


suddenly saw this in the morning:

[Jingdong hand thousand line convenience store retail innovation O2O mode] group in the afternoon of March 17th, Jingdong Jingdong retail O2O strategy & 10000 convenience stores & supplier officially announced the signing ceremony, O2O cooperation with Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other 15 city tens of thousands of convenience stores, including Quik, good a neighbor, friend, every day and night, and the Meyija (share @ Phoenix Finance)

several points: 1, the number of chain stores, tens of thousands of stores; 2, the mainstream ERP software service provider SAP, IBM, heading here; 3, said O2O.

what rhythm? Courage a little guess, it should be this – Community electricity supplier convenience store". Operation mode: direct electricity supplier logistics section terminates at the last stage of the warehouse, orders sent to the community convenience store, the last 100 meters to solve the problem by the convenience store (user, or additional costs, delivery).


1, since some need to stress the purchase of goods standing (similar to community supermarket SKU reserve, fuel,) and can meet delivery — let oneself become indispensable within the cell just, and its gross profit subsidies;

2, butt butt electricity supplier enterprises, the upstream electricity supplier logistics costs diluted;


docking technology, the electricity supplier logistics data with their own data and provide better service, for example, goods delivery, electricity supplier single sweep code to confirm the point of delivery, the system for the user to send text messages to inform the


4, since the mention and door-to-door differences, to charge, and not too cheap;

5, and the local electricity supplier docking (mainly middle organic vegetables, soil egg and so on, this is a great opportunity to start), stores need to develop appropriate reserves corresponding equipment and operating standards (refrigerated, frozen, do not pressure, loss);

6, the localization of information service integration (shared printers, digital printing, to highlight the characteristics of remote) localization services, will further consolidate its irreplaceable position in the area.

why? What we see is logistics.

1, logistics is the most important factor affecting the electricity supplier user body;

2, the majority of vertical self logistics, but can not really can do "door-to-door" — the consignee is not at home, can not predict the exact arrival time distribution, who do not want to go upstairs and so on, the actual situation is more "to take down", "put Wuguan there", etc.. The user experience is not good, the order quantity is bigger, the experience is not good;

3, 2010, the disappearance of the demographic dividend, distribution is Laomi typical types, more and more high labor costs, logistics costs will inevitably be more and more high;

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