Jingdong confirmed that the pass is not a single pass with Jingdong has formed a competition


express Jingdong (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news October 16th news, Jingdong mall yesterday evening confirmed that STO has recently issued its third party merchants issued to the mall of Jingdong express warehouse warehouse. Jingdong stressed that the main business of the third party to stop its business to the store to the mall Jingdong center of the distribution of goods, and consumer oriented distribution services.

said this, STO responded, the Jingdong has received mall Shentong express licence, and form the competition relations between each other, based on similar companies embrace iiiegai to consider, only the suspension of cooperation initiatives.

then, SF and parts also began to reject the Yuantong Express sorting center Jingdong. SF gives the reason is: "to the Jingdong warehouse delivery queuing time is too long".

since the Jingdong store has an open platform, and the introduction of many third party merchants, if consumers buy these third party merchant goods, these goods requires the business to the Jingdong by express sorting center mall, the mall Jingdong sent to the hands of consumers, the consumer goods from the Jingdong to go shopping mall the Jingdong is the mall own logistics, and from business to Jingdong mall is required by tact, SF and other traditional courier tact, Shen Tong stopped this link is the business to Jingdong delivery.

Jingdong issued a notice to the merchant, said that from now on, sent to the Jingdong all sorting centers of all orders, prohibit the use of STO. And because STO refused to send to the sorting center, resulting in delayed delivery, all the responsibility borne by the seller.

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