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some time ago, Taobao online because of poor ratings caused the owner of buyers mailing Mingbi and there are infinite harassment stool buyers, the change bad for praise! When buyers receive the goods or is N for a long time have not received the goods, his heart is on the online shopping feel very depressed, fill out a bad actually also harassed

so far!

for Taobao review system I would like to talk about its irrationality!

1 need to comment on the reasons for poor, but it is well deserved! This is not logical, and it is quite without considering the user experience.

2 is the curse of praise! Good platform also has bad business! Sell things in Taobao online to many people, the so big, how likely is all good?! meet this in relation to the survival of the fittest to poor!

3 review system is too simple, only ABC three options, so we have to think I can choose D depressed! Praise is good, who knows! This before Taobao has no goods and description of conformity, can learn from the comments set to the scoring system, such as 100 points, very satisfied with the score. I would like to. Generally give a passing score. You are on this level of service!

attached comments importance:

1 word of mouth effect: the buyer’s praise can enhance the confidence of the subsequent customers to buy, promote sales, become an indirect word of mouth communication.

2 FAQ composition: after the buyer’s consulting display, you can play a similar function of FAQ, to supplement the description of the goods, to avoid duplication of consultation, reducing the workload of customer service personnel.

3 user experience: from the product consulting reply can show the quality of the site’s customer service staff, and commodity consulting is the only one to the user and the exchange of the site. Therefore, the user experience in this part of the user experience in the overall possession of a very important proportion.

4 crisis management: when there is no objective bad comments, customer service response can be explained, can effectively avoid or reduce its negative impact.

5 user feedback: businesses can not only get information from the user comments on the popularity of goods and other information, you can also get the popularity of goods, the price is reasonable, and the advantages and disadvantages of goods.

6 in addition, as a consumer to buy the site before the evaluation of the content of the image, an important part of the purchase process, which set up a brand effect on the site, showing the brand culture plays an important role.

for the first time to write an article, welcome Paizhuan! Comments can make me very wrong, ~~

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