Taobao mall discovered the termination of the door

2009-11-13 17:45, for many small "Taobao mall", is undoubtedly a moment very surprised! Send a system called Taobao mall renewal notice "the letter completely disrupts all weekend life.

The contents of his letter

was not informed of the specific reasons. In general, many small businesses have in the Taobao community posted the question, but not by the letter, Taobao has no official explained in detail.

many businesses doubt the occasion, a letter on the "2010 annual Taobao mall merchants renewal notice" quietly launched:

for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to renew the store (including 2010 newly signed annual) deposit amount will be unified increased to 10 thousand yuan; and mall users must pay a one-time fee for technical service fee is 6000 yuan / year, real time deduction of the other part of the total. Please ensure that you submit renewal after the store Alipay account balance of more than 16000 yuan. 16000 yuan 5000 yuan to upgrade to the original date, "Taobao price" sound can be heard without end…… Since then, the "termination of the door" events surrounding the click into place. The notice of termination is because businesses filled with righteous indignation, a dominant Taobao monopoly and no complaints and complain:

sources inside the electricity supplier industry sources informed, Shenzhen’s largest investment comprehensive fashion shopping mall – Taobao mall serves network direct also spared, as a fashion industry B2C platform greatly influence network serves both the business or brand sales model is a leader in the third party sales ranking absolutely, serves network ranked first, ahead of other e-commerce sites, however, is still subject to Taobao’s so cold, not let people sigh. The network serves the Taobao mall official said "wait, argue, believe that many businesses say the voice of surrender.

used to hold high the banner of free grassroots leaders, once the high-profile lead eldest brother to help small enterprises to build brands, but so in front of the interests, review Taobao mall built at the beginning of a deserted house, many small companies have donated money to patronize, and now the "termination" incident really hurts, more surprise is this time, the move was a gimmick, for consumers to protect the safety of cap


in the face of Taobao mall frequent event, electricity providers have a hot market, show car network operations director, China Mobile Research Institute expert Zhuang Shuai said: "the show car network as a professional automotive supplies the vertical category mall, before the date set up a Taobao B2C store service team, team members up to 5 people, the future will be expanded to 20 people, and plan for the future will increase in Taobao and three party investment channels."

for the Taobao mall, said "everything has a Zhuang attention and do not pay attention to the process, as the largest mall Taobao China third party service B2C platform, ready to surrender the mall should advance and communicate, and not so as to relieve, to say the audit standards and sales assessment.

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