Yu Minhong talk about education company mode 99% internet education enterprise will die

Yu Minhong recently delivered a public speech, referring to the impact of online education on traditional ground education. Yu Minhong judgment, the future of China’s top education companies will have three models, namely:

traditional ground education model;

internet education platform and educational tools;

A hybrid model of

production and use of the internet.

Yu Minhong view specific arrangements are as follows:

1 ground education will not be destroyed by the internet.

Yu Minhong said the Internet and mobile Internet will not destroy the traditional ground education, there are several reasons:

(1) China’s parents and China’s environmental decision parents will send their children to ground education to learn.

(2) the effect of face to face education, at any time will be better than online education, even if the video is smooth, the child’s ability to focus on, can not be compared to the face of two people talking.

(3) parents are most concerned about the child’s learning effect rather than learning tools.

(4) ground education companies can also use the Internet and mobile Internet as an aid.

therefore, Yu Minhong judge pure ground education will never be eliminated, as long as you can do a good job, ground education in the future there will be a great opportunity to exist.

2 online education platform and tools entrepreneurial project 99% will die.

Yu Minhong said there will be a pure mobile Internet and internet education company exists, which is characterized by the combination of content companies, educational institutions into a platform for service providers. Yu Minhong’s judgment on such enterprises is:

(1) 99% will die, or half-dead. Yu Minhong said that at present in Chinese, pure internet education enterprise has about two thousand monthly, talk to him or to find the investment cooperation of the thirty enterprises, but 99% of them are dead, or half-dead, but the rest of the 1%, will become a particularly robust education company.

(2) state that pure internet education business growth. Yu Minhong said that the state is very happy to see the pure internet education companies listed, because this is the use of science and technology to promote the development of education strategy.

and for the traditional education enterprise, the country is actually have doubts, Yu Minhong said:

"now the ground training and education companies listed in China, the country will have doubts. Why? You are an educational institution, I let you go on the market, the impact on the future of Chinese education."

3 mobile Internet, Internet and ground education closely combined with the company. Yu Minhong describes its characteristics:

(1) half of its business is done on the Internet, and the other half is done on the ground.


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