E-commerce beginners need to master the key words and rankings

so-called e-commerce; is the use of electronic equipment can be used. A variety of electronic tools, channels for the sale of goods and commodities business process. Since it is necessary to use modern means of electronic commerce. According to the operation of e-commerce platform. Which is inseparable from the information to be released. Whether buyers want to release the product information. The seller should supply the product information. Will involve an important thing – keyword. Buyers want to use keywords in the network to find their own products to buy. Sellers want to sell their products on the Internet with keywords. Both sides can not do without this important thing – key words. Therefore, the key words in the actual operation of e-commerce, has a very important role. And a lot of e-commerce beginners feel confused project is " keyword " selection. E-commerce beginners want to publish valuable information. Personally think that the first should start from the following.

1, to choose their own product keywords

keyword, usually refers to the name of a company’s main product. That is the most common name of the buyer search products. For example, we produce and sell products is " high voltage motor and flameproof motor. " " of the product; the main keyword " that is, high voltage motor and flameproof motor. " sub keyword " high voltage motor in accordance with its series, and can be divided into Y series high-voltage motor. YKS series high voltage motor. YKK series high voltage motor. YB2 series high-voltage flameproof motor; according to the voltage can be divided into 3KV high voltage motor. 6KV high voltage motor, 10KV high voltage motor; flameproof motor can be divided into YB2 series flameproof motor. YB2 series flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor. YB2 series high voltage flameproof motor. Because of the vast territory of our country, there have been a lot of dialect or local call, we set the key words, we should also be considered. Only fully consider the difference between the north and south of the customer. According to people’s search habits to determine their own key words. The release of product information will receive the best results.

2, to make good use of their product keywords

different pictures of the products in the product information, respectively with their own corresponding keywords, as the name of the product release (i.e. information title), every name released again. The name of the type of information released the more, the wider the keyword coverage, regardless of where the buyer is. What kind of name search can be found in my product information release.

3, to focus on their first key word

" is the first key primary key; ", beginners generally bring their own key words is difficult to find the full. More difficult to determine their main keywords. In fact, it is also very simple. I began to determine their main keywords, is in the name of all products in the title of the classification of information to see. &qu>

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