Wanda cultural industry will have a big action electricity supplier business or will surface

According to reliable sources said Wanda

will have a big movement in the cultural industries, at the same time, there is news that Wanda electricity soon surfaced. Prior to the outside world Wanda electricity supplier development model has a lot of speculation, the final choice of electricity supplier Wanda development is likely to be a combination of mobile Internet and Wanda Plaza O2O model.

Wanda will be a big move in the cultural industry

a few days ago, I got the news that there will be a big move in the Wanda cultural industry, the author inquired after Wang Jianlin recently in "Wanda Group 2012 summary of the work conference speech, seemingly from the traces above can be found in big Wanda cultural industries.

is currently doing Wanda cultural industry projects in addition to Wanda cinema and KTV (singer) is in the layout, as well as Wuhan "hanxiu", "movie paradise" and other city projects, these projects will be in the next year. In addition, Wanda tourism projects have made significant progress in 2012, the opening of Changbai Mountain international resort, Xishuangbanna project and Dalian stone project started. Meanwhile, in the last year, Wanda also successfully acquired the world’s second largest U.S. AMC theater company.

but those appeals are the last thing, when it comes to the maximum in the cultural industry Wanda action on this year is likely to be Wang Jianlin explicitly mentioned in the meeting summed up the work of "Wanda Wanda city" project. Wang Jianlin said at the meeting: the cultural group to achieve the goal, relying on the traditional mode of development is certainly not, more than a few films, play a few stage show to generate revenue? Must rely on scientific and technological innovation, investment income go big industry path. For example, the development of Wanda City, a project to create billions of years of cultural industry revenue, so as to achieve the goal. 2013 Wanda to start Dalian Cultural District and Beijing, Nanchang and other 3 to 5 Wanda city project.

Wanda city construction and Dalian Jinshi means that Wanda project started in the field of cultural industry layout further. Wanda investment project planning Dalian Jinshi light took 4 years, then the construction to put into use, it will take 4 or 5 years and billions of dollars, but the cultural industry projects for several years after Wanda is put into use and play when the actual economic effect, other enterprises to come to see the cultural industry the market value, and when you want to catch up with Wanda cultural industries, may have been too late.

such a large cultural industry project planning and design of complex and huge amount of investment, long construction period, if not earlier years of market planning is unable to complete in a short time, before and after the Wanda cultural industry projects are few takes 5 – 10 years. Lack of adequate understanding of the cultural industry and market confidence in the enterprise, there are few willing to put energy and money on it, so it seems, Wanda has been walking in the forefront of the development of the domestic cultural industry.

Wanda massive investment in the cultural industry, while the cultural industry does create a high return for Wanda, and Wanda see >

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