nternet domain name signed by the Convention does not threaten the registration of self-discipline

      Internet domain name registration business today signed a "self-discipline", promised not to threaten the registration of users, users not to mislead, not registered users of telephone, fax mail harassment. Initiated by the six companies in the power network, the new network, etc., more than forty registered services "Internet address registration services industry self-discipline convention" signed in Beijing, including the COM domain name domain name exit also was first included in the category of self-discipline.

      according to the Convention sponsored Beijing nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong introduced, because some users in the Internet domain name registration, registered by individual institutions through a variety of telephone, fax, e-mail harassment, and complaints. The large-scale self-discipline convention registration services signed a self initiated activity, not a threat to the domain name, promised registered users do not abuse the telephone, fax and mail will not harass users, misleading users registered Internet addresses.

      after the signing of the self-discipline convention, will be the China Internet Information Center as the Convention’s supervision and enforcement agencies, supervision and reporting telephone call for 010-58813000-2, monitoring and reporting mailbox for [email protected] China Internet Information Center Director Mao Wei said, "the long-term development of quick action will damage the whole industry, all violations should be subject to the supervision and investigation."

      the signing of the registration service agencies accounted for more than 2/3 of the country’s registered services, the domain name of the total number of domain names accounted for more than 90%.

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