Honey bud wronged reveals the dilemma of supply chain business

honey bud baby promised in the official website, 100% authentic, rest assured


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less than half the time, unknown maternal electricity supplier honey bud baby quickly favored by investors, and completed a $20 million financing.

But after

rosemari brand children’s car sales, which was "goofy" suffered the biggest crisis since the birth of newborn.

recently the media exposure of the maternal electricity supplier sales rosemari brand children’s cart was fake, the media began to question the honey bud baby other products supply channels, many mothers with anxiety. In this regard, honey bud baby recently bursts of three letters of the announcement statement to clarify rosemari cart events, and three times the compensation measures for the purchase of the cart for buyers, apologize to his negligence. The statement said that the trolley incident is only a case, does not mean that honey bud baby sales of other products problems.

honey bud said to be cheated by dealers

After the

rosemari cart event exposure, honey bud statement said he was being cheated by dealers." And said, may be due to rosemari trolley upstream supply channels resulting in chaos honey bud encounter "blame".

it is understood that many of the business enterprise to order sales, often coordinated through the industry can ideals and various powerful dealers, these acts are often characterized as Chuanhuo brands or illegal shipments, and blow.

according to public information, rosemari global factory in Dongguan. Rosemari in Europe 2012 sales decline, canceled the general agent Chinese District, and take out Chinese market strategy.

according to the relevant person close to rosemari said the strategic changes in Dongguan and kralanh foundry cart has a backlog of tens of thousands and bring a series of labor disputes. Insiders revealed that the factory from the clerk to the top of a lot of people are taking inventory sales realized. Currently on the market, including a number of online stores, a large proportion of rosemari carts are in the form of shipment. Some analysts believe that the brand announced the actual selling honey bud, intended to combat all factory shipments behavior.

according to unnamed sources said, authorization issued by the honey bud baby, is a high-end retail chain China district managers to assist the Department in a stroller out form is characterized as forged official micro-blog rosemari.

honey bud baby in micro-blog’s statement that the actual situation of this batch of cart: stakeholders covertly plant illegal shipments and forged authorization. It is precisely because the factory illegal shipments, so the brand side will not recognize these goods, honey bud will never accept the factory shipped this model."

honey bud day ago with the micro-blog Hongkong company to rosemari loudspeaker: "we do not intend to get involved in any complex illegal channels. Will continue to contact the brand side, to solve the problem of channels." In this regard, Hongkong and > rosemari

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