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None of the prominent OBC politicians thought to commemorate Singh’s 85th birth anniversary. land that genuinely belonged to him.5 million. even among the constituencies with the thinnest margin of victory for the BJP (of less than 10, the outcome of the polls of these two constituencies will, Indeed, minister for IT/BT and tourism in the Karnataka government is a man in a hurry. unveiled grandiose plans for tourism in Karnataka.Priyank Kharge is a diploma holder in computer science and entered politics as an activist of the National Student Union of India He was also the vice-president of the Karnataka unit of the Youth Congress for a term The well-spoken young scion speaks to Firstpost on Brand Bengaluru and how he would never let the identity of Bengaluru die; about ‘Exploring and Experiencing Karnataka’ like never before; about the legacy that he wants to leave behind him and how he’s not here to play 20:20 but to play Test cricket He is grounded on aiming for low hanging fruits and setting a timeline on what is achievable in two years He even smartly turns around the question on whether he sees Congress winning the elections in 2018 ‘Of course I don’t doubt that do you’ Excerpts from the interview: You’re the youngest minister to be sworn into the Karnataka Cabinet and withina month you have made major announcements for IT BT and tourism You seem to be a man in a hurry Priyank Kharge: Feels good to be the youngest minister in the Cabinet but also that’s a lot of responsibility I’m hopeful that the energy and the youth inside me can be directed to constructive things that will help the state and my department With the elections coming in two years how much do you hope to achieve Kharge: Like you said I’m a man in a hurry I have such a short time to perform and I hope to change the way things are perceived in both the departments – that this ministry did revolutionary things I want to lay a strong foundation in the IT and BT department and the tourism department So it could be policies it could be reforms or it could be schemes It could be a massive facelift for the department the idea is to leave a mark behind You came up with the announcement of a booster kit for startups What was commendable was that you were able to get a lot of corporates to partner with you in that journey Yet Bengaluru has woeful infrastructure The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) even came out with a study which said that Bengaluru would be dead in five years Your comments Kharge: Every city has its problems I’m not trying to escape from my responsibilities here but urban infrastructure is a problem in any of the major cities – it’s a problem in the big Apple a problem in London a problem in Paris We have to pull up our socks and we are already doing that The government has provided Rs 8000 crores to BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) to revive it like never before The CM has also given a special trust to the BBMP by appointing its own minister to tackle these problems more quickly It needs attention and we’re giving it the much needed attention and definitely we will not allow Bengaluru or the identity of Bengaluru to die It’s been here for five hundred years and I’m sure we’ll pull it off for the next five hundred years Karnataka tourism minister Priyank Kharge Image courtesy: Janaki Murali Coming back to how we managed to pull in a lot of corporates for the start-up booster kit the idea of the government was on how can we help and facilitate the eco system There are 4900 startups in Bengaluru alone imagine what it would do for the economy if I can help at least 20 percentof them become entrepreneurs So we spoke to Nasscomand the corporates I spoke to a lot of them myself and everybody was on board because it helps them as well Earlier startups had to knock on the doors of Nasscom organisations the government and had to be incubated with us to get benefits Now I have opened up the entire system so people from Bidar to Chamarajnagar – from anywhere in the state can register with us and avail of a lot of benefits- like easy going rate on data plan cloud subsidised licences mentorship legal and accounting Plus I have opened their doors to funding I am sitting on Rs 400 crores annually and Rs 2000 crores is what we plan to raise in the next four years I think that is something that nobody’s doing Tier IIcities like Goa Guwahati Dharamshala and Cochin are attracting start-ups now Even Nasscomis developing tier IIcities Are you planning to develop tier IIcities to reduce the congestion in Bengaluru Kharge: Developing tier IIcities is important and we have a major thrust in that area We have Keonic centres all over the state in all regions- we have one in Kalburgi in Hubbali Shimoga and Mangalore where we have set up incubation centres already But going one level lower what we have also done is come up with the New Age Incubation Network (NAIN) Through NAIN we fund up to nine to ten labs for projects which are being developed in rural engineering colleges The results are fantastic – some of the best projects are coming from the most backward regions of the state We funded close to 14/15 universities last year and we intend to take it to a lot more colleges Speaking about tourism you have just announced the science circuit… Kharge: I have not only announced a science circuit but the Bengaluru Tourism Advisory Committee (BTAC) the Hyderabad-Karnataka Tourism Advisory Committee (HKTAC) the coastal circuit and the Cauvery circuit Among the smallest of the circuits is the science circuit What I have done is broken the state into regions What’s the most important thing about tourism is information We need to know the history geography art and culture language food and USP of a destination and create a blueprint for the entire state What we want to do is create these destinations with all information for domestic and foreign travelers so that they can ‘Explore Karnataka better and Experience Karnataka better’ And nobody has tried branding a city in India You’re talking about Brand Bengaluru Kharge: Yes in Brand Bengaluru comes the science circuit heritage circuit the legend trails eco circuit wildlife circuits art and culture circuits gastro and pubs circuit All these combined makes theBrand Bengaluru It’s all there but nobody has bothered connecting the dots I am merely doing that I’m not doing anything new Are you thinking of privatisation you know there have been protests over privatisation of the Venkatappa art gallery from artists… Kharge: When we devised the tourism policy the idea was to take help from the private sector to develop destinations for example take Jog falls we could probably open it up and do a joint venture with hotels so that they build infrastructure Like how we have done with Metropole or KRS in Brindavan gardens Mysuru We have not given the properties to Royal Orchid It’s our property being managed by them on a sharing basis But each case has to be treated differently We have to do a dipstick on public sentiment and then take a conscious call on whether we want PPP in this particular vertical or go solo These are all grandiose plans but tourism is an unchartered territory In Karnataka there’s so much to see but nothing much has been done about it so how much can you really achieve in two years Kharge: Isn’t that what makes it exciting and challenging in the first place If I can set up a blueprint it would be good I’m looking for short term advice from the committees for three months maximum four in the fifth month we sit down and take stock of what to do and what not to do; which are the low hanging fruits and achievable We put a timeline on what is achievable I agree it’s a challenge and unchartered but we have to start somewhere In corporates young people are always asked where they see themselves in five years from now and ten years from now I am going to change that question slightly where do you see yourself two years from now seven years from now and twelve years from now going with the election cycle Kharge: In corporates if you don’t like what they’re giving you you can always jump the ship but that does not happen in politics This is more of a commitment to the cause and to an ideology So it’s very difficult to say where you see yourself The point is we are here for the long run we’re not here to play 20:20 we’re here to play Test cricket So irrespective of what the results are or the consequences are the idea is to serve the public Two years from now I see myself doing the same thing so too at seven and twelve as well I have a big legacy behind me People have been very kind to me and to our family Irrespective of your position in the party irrespective of your position in the government whether you are in opposition whether you win an election or lose an election you have to be there because they have supported you for so long So this is a permanent job for me When the reshuffle happened and there was rebellion in the party the KPCC president Dinesh Gundu Rao said that the party needed young blood What’s your opinion will this help you win the elections in two years Kharge: You always need youngsters in the party but they also need direction I think we have a healthy mix of both – the young and the experienced Now with Mr Dinesh becoming the working president of the party we have infused the youth factor too Do you see Congress winning two years later Kharge: Of course I don’t doubt that do you quickly, Particularly sickening is the casual racism shown by Indians toward Africans in their midst — mostly students.

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