Research on localization of e-commerce website

with the development of globalization, many multinational companies in the global scope to promote their products and ideas, and along with the electronic commerce website major mergers and acquisitions in the global scope, localization trend intensified. Because there are some researchers engaged in the study of site localization.

because of the special culture under the influence of China users have their own characteristics, for example, compared with the short-term results Chinese users pay more attention to the long-term goals, in addition to their website when using the website information display. The organization and user access to the site is the focus. The focus of interest compared with foreign users are great the difference, even in the process of localization, it is not confined to the interface of the localization, but also to design the function of system and interactive design localization. As a result, foreign websites in China to transplant, you need to consider the aesthetic needs and habits of Chinese users, the design of the site in line with Chinese users.

The British

researchers engaged in research work on a e-commerce website globalization and localization of interactive design, a China students through the comparison of the Amazon and Dangdang to discuss the influence of cultural factors on the user purchase behavior; and another paper is on Ebay and Taobao are discussed. The researchers, through comparison of two website reputation values that the degree of maturity of the two sites.

In addition, there are a large number of scholars in the evaluation of e-commerce sites,

, as well as the discussion of the design methodology, there are some scholars engaged in the design of the site. With the development of priming technology, so that people will move and business links, because mobile devices has its own limitations, some researchers in the morning on the move.

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