Google help China’s most cattle entrepreneurial Gang

with the Lanting Pavilion review Guo Quji cardinality submitted IPO application, Google background of entrepreneurs have gradually surfaced: innovation works founder Li Kaifu, co-founder of millet Lin Bin, founder of Wang Huainan, the baby tree alliance founder Jiang Fan, so network founder Liu Jun, tick Group founder Song Zhongjie, founder of papayamobile Shen Si, co-founder of Dai amamori…… According to statistics, Google Chinese contributed at least 20 Internet Co founder or CEO, and there are hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions of dollars the company founder. Thus, Google China was once hailed as the Chinese Internet industry, Whampoa  military academy". I dark horse for you one by one interpretation of the Google help map.


Innovation workshop founder Li Kaifu

1, "business mentor" Li Kaifu’s "entrepreneurial Utopia"

profile: Li Kaifu served as vice president of Google, Google in 2005 to return to the joint president of China, responsible for public relations and Google Chinese Academy of engineering. Google announced in 2009 left the venture, founder of innovation works, is an "angel, VC, headhunters, software companies, incubator essence 5 things together" and "investment + business service" model company.

According to Li Kaifu

published in September 2012 report card: put 50 items, including 48 seed round of investment projects, the 27 Angel round of investment project; investment of more than 370 million yuan, VC invested more than 540 million RMB to attract external investment enterprises, the total valuation of more than 3 billion 900 million yuan. In all projects, 2 projects were merged, and the 4 project failed. There are 18 projects to get A round of investment, the project received B round of investment in 1.

innovation works including wandoujia Star project, dim sum, little, application exchange, including wandoujia to Baidu, little net do light blog after the unsuccessful transformation do clap, is also an application of fire.

comments: from Microsoft to Google Greater China president, vice president, and director of innovation works, Li Kaifu’s position and call again continue to change, and the "tutor" label has been at the helm of the incubator as the shadow follows the form, innovation works also became a sought after star entrepreneurs. But innovation works is also facing a problem: because of the early Innovation workshop shares higher, the project development to a certain stage, the founder of Paul stake is not diluted, unwilling to continue financing has become a "bigger, so a lot of small old trees".


millet technology co-founder Lin Bin

2, millet myth created Lin Bin and Lei Jun

introduction: Lin Bin served as Microsoft Academy of engineering, director of engineering, by the end of 2006 to join Google Chinese, served as the first vice president, Google Engineering Institute of Engineering Director, global technical director, responsible for Google in Chinese >

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