Dangdang.com another book price war a field to hold the pieces of self-help

daily economic news reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

March 12th, dangdang.com and Jingdong in the field of books once again launched a fight hand to hand with the price war.

for Dangdang, the essence of this price war is a late self-help war. At present, China B2C to Ali, the electricity supplier in the field of Jingdong as the representative of the seven powers hegemony pattern has been set, as the edge, dangdang.com picked up again have to price war banner to attract attention, otherwise only a small piece of land there may not be preserved.

as a price war of the previous losers, Dangdang the initiative to fight back, will accelerate the degradation or to achieve self-help?

market size and share fell /

March 12th, Dangdang announced that from now until March 15th, 400 thousand kinds of books cap 50 percent off, which is the last year since the double, the largest promotional activities in the book market in the past 11. On the same day, Jingdong mall start Spring Awakening all things, the book special audio and video promotions, books, audio and video 300 yuan less than $100. A book market price war started again.

it is worth noting that Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing has been a price war fighter.

August 13, 2012, Li Guoqing told the media: "they said they want to play the price war, you can even have no money to live where?, after the capital of family businesses dragged burn money, it is very dangerous."

in fact, there is not much capital Dangdang to fight price war.

Dangdang recently released 2012 fourth quarter earnings data show that when the quarter net loss of 122 million 100 thousand yuan, which is already Dangdang for the 8 consecutive quarter of losses. Provoke a price war, it is possible to further increase the pressure of its losses.

Ali, Jingdong and other platforms under the extrusion of the heavyweights, Dangdang has become increasingly marginalized. A research report data from Analysys International show that the 2012 China B2C market reached 479 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 99.2% compared to 2011. Vip.com, Jingdong, Tmall and other growth rates are more than this figure, while Dangdang’s growth rate was only 44%, less than half of the industry average.

Dangdang 2012 fourth quarter and full year earnings data show that in 2012 the total revenue of $5 billion 193 million 800 thousand, an increase of 44% compared to fiscal year 2011, while the growth rate in 2011 and in 2010 were 59% and 56.5%. 2012 four quarter, Dangdang growth fell to 31%, far lower than the same period last year of 73%. According to Dangdang is expected in the first quarter of 2013 revenue will reach 1 billion 300 million yuan. This calculation, the growth rate will further decline to 20%.

and Dangdang stark contrast, Jingdong and other electricity providers still maintain rapid growth. According to data released by Jingdong

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