nternational domain name dispute resolution agreement

International domain name dispute resolution agreement

(by ICANN in October 24, 1999)


"international domain name dispute solving agreement" and "unified domain name registration agreement", "international domain name dispute settlement procedures, unified rules" provider (or service provider) the supplementary rules for domain name dispute parties (not including the domain name registration organization) to provide solutions.

2 domain name is the responsibility of the applicant statement:

1) fill in "agreement" domain name registration information is complete and accurate;

2) as far as we know, the domain name registration will not infringe any third party’s rights;

3) domain name registration is not for illegal purposes;

4) the use of the domain name will not violate any relevant laws and regulations.

for domain name registration and infringe the rights of others is prejudice, full responsibility for the applicant name.

3 cancel, transfer and change:

1) according to the provisions of section eighth of this agreement, the domain name registrar notification is received written notice of the domain name holder or authorized agent domain arbiter submitted or appropriate electronic form, requirements of domain name registration organization to take such actions;

2) domain name registration agency received of the domain name dispute has issued complete jurisdiction of the court or the arbitration organization’s ruling notice, request for domain name registration agencies to take such action;

3) domain name registration agencies received notice of the domain name dispute resolution mechanism from the requirements of the domain name registration organization to take such actions. The agency was established in accordance with the international agreement on the settlement of domain name disputes;

4) according to the "domain name registration agreement" or other legal reasons.

4 mandatory domain name dispute resolution procedure

filed a domain name dispute resolution procedures, should also meet the following three conditions:


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