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engaged in e-commerce for SMEs, innovation and not too many resources to carry out the business model, so most companies provide products and services with competitors basic similar, there are great homogeneity, so the marketing ability, website operation ability has become the core factor of competition, which in time access to business opportunities and competitive intelligence has become a priority among priorities. As Bill · Gates in "the next hour" said: "for your company and your competitors to distinguish the most meaningful, make your company the best method leading to a large number of companies, is to use the information to do the best job. How do you collect, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.". How to sorting out useful information in the mass of competitive intelligence and business opportunities in the multitude, each electronic commerce enterprise operation personnel, marketing personnel thought pondering what sarcasm.

competitive intelligence is information and Research on competitive environment, competitors, competitive situation and competitive strategy. It is not only a process (the process of collecting and analyzing competitive information), but also a kind of product (including the information or strategy). Generally referred to as CI (Competitive Intelligence). Wikipedia

Google, the Baidu search keywords "competitive intelligence", will find a lot of so-called provide competitive intelligence system, we can’t deny that there are some good products, but most of the products are in the vertical search engine + active monitoring manual review to collect the Internet any professional limitation of information, such as business directory, product database, supply and demand information, talent recruitment, industry information, real-time reporting to corporate members. These expensive services worth, can only be mixed.

here we focus on how to use the Internet to provide a variety of free services to complete the active access to competitive intelligence.

1, competitor website search engine optimization (SEO) situation


collected the competitor’s website in the search engine to the number of pages indexed, reverse link number, Links information, Google PR value, domain name registration information etc..




Google Webmaster Tools



more tools see:

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