Did miss the opportunity to buy a domain name

          07 years of the start of the summer holidays for the domain name, now without any success, but the first time received a message, a foreigner is issued by the company, is the inquiry, I offer 20000 dollars he wanted. But at that time very busy, did not care, today, he came out of the dry air. It is for yourself, after all, the mood is not good, buy in the forum a few days ago, the site did not transfer well, by taking the code has been landing on, here also hope to buy the station brothers to complete the transfer procedures, but also try to transfer space, be vigilant, don’t let yourself hard money cheated! Well, the mail, please notify us immediately to help see next is not sending mail!                                

print screen the message is not marked. Mark – mark as unread mail]

from: " BONTech Solutions" < [email protected]>     added to the address book to: [email protected] sex365.org.cn (sent 07/03/07): Date: Tue 3, Jul 2007 12:18:30 +0400 (MSD)

Hello, Your domain was listed for sale. Please don’t ask to make an offer. Just send an email with your quote in US dollars for the name mentioned in the subject line. Our company is working on custom software and hardware projects for several large corporation. Domain names is not our business but a new way to earn on reselling. We are going to buy domains to resell them at higher prices since we have a large database of cli>

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