Little said from the Jingdong and the rebate rebate with a short break

some time ago Taobao banned Taobao customer product search service, a lot of return rate of website gasped, is a positive response, but the Jingdong recently announced in June to suspend all cooperation and rebate website: "when all the rebate Commission is not for settlement. The reason is the mall to the Jingdong this month for the anniversary month, is the history of the strongest anniversary month, profits 1 billion yuan, the profits of Jingdong in June is the largest ever, therefore, based on the rebate, there is loss of value system of Jingdong". It is yiboweiping another rebate this once very familiar with the names in the

will last?


what is the rebate

want to know what is the rebate, you must know what is the sales alliance. Sales alliance is an important way to promote the electronic commerce website, the website can be the main electricity supplier in the sales alliance to obtain a merchandise display code, the user through the code to link into the business form after the purchase, the site will get a certain percentage of the rebate. All along, the rebate sites are the main participants of this model. It is easy to be understood, the electricity supplier in the fight when the price to the user station, the rebate is two times profits, so more and more users rebate site, when the electricity supplier’s profit is more and more low.

who is the beneficiary of

rebateThere is no doubt that

is the first rebate website itself, second users, both before and after the order must be arranged. If there is no profit if the rebate itself as the basis, then there is no possibility to let customers. When we open the rebate site, although the first sight is back to how much money, how much information such as coupons, took a look at myself is really earned, but when out of the consumer’s point of view of a rational, consumers every day return profit and a rebate network every day return profits have much difference? All the return of profit is based on consumer spending, so for the rebate network, you are not spending, only to seize the user fee only, namely the rebate website real "product" is free, is only a piece of code. So the maximum benefit is the rebate website own rebate network.

How to see the

electricity supplier rebate

said the rebate is the electricity supplier eye opium, also said the rebate on the electricity supplier is a double-edged sword. On the one hand to provide electricity supplier flow, increase visibility, but on the other hand is also very obvious drawbacks, that is to reduce the profits of electricity suppliers, accelerate the loss of old customers. Now the consumer price is very sensitive to the era of brand and has not formed a very high cohesion, where there is a will to affordable where, when more and more users know the rebate, is bound to join the camp. But the current electricity supplier in the eyes of the rebate also shall not, on their own advantages, the electricity supplier rebate is a good way of publicity, is the effective tool to increase sales, but this approach only exists in a certain stage, once the electricity supplier scale, shape, personal recognition >

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