Suning brewing organizational structure adjustment Tesco or fully integrated into the group


last year Suning announced renamed "Su ningyun" and the organizational structure adjustment, a new round of restructuring and brewing.

a number of sources, Suning recently intensive work will be held to discuss the construction of a new organizational structure. A number of departments after the adjustment will be merged, many executives will face change.

Adjustment of


It is reported that

, the largest is the adjustment of the operating system, chain operating platform and e-commerce business headquarters ( will be merged, the line two platform operation, marketing functions will be made one.

this means that in this round of adjustment will be fully integrated into the group, no longer operate independently. Branch in Suning around the calculation of performance has been quietly adjusted,’s performance assessment task begins with the regional corporation should be made one store, responsible for store operations, also should assume Tesco in the sales areas, to avoid the line under the left hand and bo.

in February last year, Suning has conducted large-scale organizational restructuring, before the independent nature of the company back to headquarters system, procurement, logistics, financial management and other functions are all received group, merger related functions and the line of stores unified procurement, unified management.

and (i.e. e-commerce business headquarters) has only business platform business management and marketing functions, which owns the local life department, business department, business department, cloud application digital products division, division and other departments of the new financial products.

"before Suning marketing is two lines, Tesco a line, the line stores a line respectively for advertising, mutual cooperation to fight the enemy separately." The sources said that after the establishment of new organizational structure, marketing system functions will be a new Department, unified management, responsible for the business before executive vice president Li Bin is expected to lead the department.

in addition, Suning prior to the acquisition of the two companies PPTV and manzuo are facing problems and business integration. It is reported that, PPTV founder Yao Xin, Tao Chuang and Feng Xiaohai will get a full network of Suning group level positions, and is responsible for managing a specific line of business.

Zhang Jindong dissatisfaction 2013 results

The reason for the adjustment of the

, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong said last week and the company’s strategic planning in 2014 gives a clear explanation, "our system is more and more large, the organization is more and more complex, but the collaboration between the system has become more and more difficult. Now some of our cadres become more and more standard, more and more closed, there is none of my business an armchair, this attitude makes the work of communication costs, resulting in reduced efficiency of communication."

in the view of Zhang Jindong, in the chain era, the rapid expansion of benefits Suning in the system of standardization, legal basis. > and

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