Following the nternet giant, Suning Gome has also begun to compete in the mobile phone brand market

mobile phone market investment in recent years the rise of millet, HUAWEI rash and too much in haste, standing, the traditional mobile phone giant has dominated the market, new entrants face a variety of baptism, some place, some hit head broken and bleeding, so the traditional channels Suning and Gome into the mobile phone industry is a what



always thought in 360, the Alibaba as the representative of the Internet giant is the last wave into the mobile phone, did not expect the Suning and Gome brand mobile phone on the market.

led to the rise of millet wave of venture capital into the wave of mobile phone, there has been a large coke, a stir brand, after the Internet giants involved in 360, including Zhou Hongyi himself, our Alibaba to enter its own mobile phone brand released on the eve of death, and the investment Meizu Quxianjiuguo, Baidu invested 100%, LETV mobile phone smart gamble etc..

venture capital, Internet giants have pulled out of the mobile phone industry, the traditional channel giant Suning and Gome took the torch.


Suning has been holding PPTV, shortly before the PPTV launched the naked eye 3D mobile phone, it is said that the first wave of good sales, the first day of selling eighty thousand units in addition, Suning also successfully into the capital to hammer technology, has become a corporate executive with a hammer, apparently hoping their channel power grab food brand mobile phone market.

now Wong Kwong Yu Gome clearly does not want to measure the last mobile phone brand feast, shortly before the company announced the acquisition of Shanghai Dejing electronics, speaking not Shanghai Dejing might know the person, but the circle of mobile phone Dejing predecessor Shanghai modat should not unfamiliar, and Suning to enter into the mobile phone market is different. Wong Kwong Yu is aimed at the safety of mobile phone market.

Suning Gome hoping to enter the mobile phone market channel advantage, but objectively speaking to the popular mobile phone brand market a piece of pie is not easy, perhaps this is Wong Kwong Yu hope to enter the mobile phone security reasons.

Although in recent years the

mobile phone market investment objective said the real rash and too much in haste, but the rise of the new mobile phone only a millet, a global mobile phone market, the mainland brand is still HUAWEI, Lenovo, OPPO, VIVO, TCL, ZTE and other traditional giants dominated, and did not give the new entrants left too much space for survival, compared with the previous in the mobile phone, several ups and downs, including HUAWEI, Lenovo, ZTE, TCL, has been in the patent ready has large-scale overseas markets, such as HUAWEI mobile phone in the technical reserves and innovation may not be on the same day, the mobile phone industry increasingly high threshold, Suning, Gome are unless another way, in the mobile phone market to snatch the consumer is not easy.

De Jing Electronics was triple the acquisition will also integrate the mobile phone IDH climax, have been before you’s acquisition, Shanghai Datang Zhuo is Kaile science and technology acquisition, aerospace information acquisition of the sea

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