Tmall mobile phone to play hunger marketing T code limited release

June 10th news, June to enter the electricity supplier of promotional activities to promote the activities of the active period, this year Tmall, mobile phone has become the flagship, the day before Tmall launched T code according to the priority purchase activities, billion state power network to understand, the first round of the 100 thousand Tmall T code has more than 14 million people panic buying, 700 thousand T codes currently issued are second round of panic buying in a total of more than 1770 million people participated in.

Tmall Electric City said, "T code" is Tmall TMALL code for short, is a group of Tmall issued alphanumeric 16 qualification code, after the user successfully bind the goods can have the right to buy 1 hours. The source also revealed that the previous Tmall promotion of the year is dominated by 3C, but involves many categories, the average force; this year it will change the strategy, envelopes and other resources are concentrated in a single category of mobile phone, using the "T code" panic buying.

it is understood that the Tmall mobile phone T code will be sent in 3 batches, the first round of the 100 thousand T code has been robbed of the about 14000000. The first round of grab T code consumers. As of 17, Tmall will release a total of up to 900 thousand T code, in this regard, if a T code corresponds to a cell phone, Tmall’s sales volume will reach millions of promotions.

Tmall mobile phone sales promotion, millet, ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, cool and other domestic mainstream mobile phone war, while Apple, Samsung, NOKIA and other foreign mobile phone brands will join. According to the state power grid, as of now, Tmall Electric City page, including ZTE, HUAWEI, Lenovo, Coolpad, apple, millet, Meizu, TCL, vivo, oppo and other more than and 10 brands of mobile phone models has appeared nearly 20.

back in April of this year, Tmall’s president, said the group, group for Tmall’s expectations are closer to fashion, Tmall will adhere to this year, the new one to promote a section". "Two new" refers to the spring, summer and autumn and winter on the new, "section" is the "double eleven" shopping festival. The "one" is the middle of June to promote activities.

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