nterpretation how to grow in the giant nose

market value approaching $10 billion, that so many people are stunned, it can be said that is in Tmall eyes underground played a grass root counter attack story, but I see this scene of deja vu, then remembered that is YY from QQ underground growing way low-key.


QQ was a popular retreat, MSN, Fetion into the past, NetEase bubble and Baidu Hi have crashed, but let a little more YY in the Tencent took a nap under the eyes quickly weaving a huge network, through the unique technology and products, to take 400 million the user does not leave God, in November 21, 2012 successfully landed on the Nasdaq, this is a gorgeous grassroots counter attack drama.

now looks and YY year counter attack and there are a lot of similarities. was founded by Shen Ya and Hong Xiaobo in Guangzhou on December 2008, identify the vertical field of brand sale. In 2008, the financial crisis hit, garment enterprises and fashion industry inventory into big trouble, businesses and consumers in the winter, just jumped out to help you save the elimination library funds to consumers in Wujin purse, cheap discount brand become a big market demand, is the right time to fit. Over the past few years,’s market value of $10 billion, quietly become a waste of business model.

what are the similarities between and YY’s development path,

?Starting specific vertical

in the field of giant monopoly, low-key


we look at the difference between YY and QQ: QQ instant messaging is the focus of point to point communication, and YY is a multi person online voice group chat, is more than many. The core tendency Tencent QQ and a type of product, YY tend to speak of communication products.

can see both the product model is basically the same, but the two products in the functional form of different, because YY is a breakthrough for online multiplayer game player line group chat, and effectively avoid Tencent QQ in the core functions, when making the YY in its infancy, and effectively avoid competition big Penguin QQ attention. But wait until wake up time for the acquisition of the Tencent, YY has been expanding. essentially is a genuine sale with a label, run away inventory business platform, while Taobao Tmall and other business tycoon haven’t entered the market until the flash purchase, has led the famous discount market, Tmall also began to realize the huge market potential of the vertical field the launch of the brand sale channel, but Tmall is not as a key channel in the promotion and force, but you can see that Tmall, Tencent, Jingdong and other giants have begun to pay attention to the flash purchase market.

contrast can be seen, and YY was unremarkable, the selection of the giant is a special vertical ignore the vertical

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