Ministry of Commerce this year will further promote cross-border electricity supplier pilot

official website of the Ministry of Commerce 14 news, foreign trade will insist on maintaining stability of the general work guideline this year, to adjust the structure in a more prominent position, consolidate and upgrade traditional advantages, accelerate fostering foreign trade competitive advantage.

Ministry of Commerce Foreign Trade Department official said on January 2017, China’s foreign trade, the Ministry of Commerce will continue to implement the policy of this year as a year, in conjunction with the relevant departments to determine the list of key policies, pay close attention to the State Council has promulgated a series of promoting the steady growth of foreign trade structure policy implementation, effectively reducing the burden for businesses to help. Promote the implementation of gradient transfer of processing trade differentiated policies, to further promote cross-border electricity market procurement, and integrated services in foreign trade enterprises and other new formats pilot, continue to increase export credit insurance and financial support, and strive to improve the level of trade facilitation, further strengthen and The Belt and Road national trade cooperation, implement effective import policies, continue to increase good practice summary of good experience, efforts to promote foreign trade continued to stabilize the good.

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